She wants to experiment in the bedroom...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by moodymoddy, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. I bring a matter of the utmost urgency to you, my fellow members of ARRSE!

    The girl says she wants to "experiment" in the bedroom. Now the brown-wings have been earnt - so thats crossed of the list. My imagination has finally run dry though - positions have been tried and burns have been caused! (candle wax should be DRIPPED.. Not sloshed about like you're trying to put a fire out 8O )

    So what are you're ideas for further "experimenting"? :twisted:
  2. oooh it might mean a threesome with another girl :-D
  3. Use your imagination, dont you fancy one of her mates, get her around, vodka them both up then just get them to lez off and jump in.

    (Ive been trying for years, I have given up and put that idea in the "memory wank")
  4. I've been pestering for a threesome for ages - don't think she's very keen on the idea. One of the only things that appears to be a no. :(

    Besides - she doesnt think any of her friends are like that?! Mr. Smirnoff says otherwise...
  5. I could probably find a young lady suitable if I looked... Unless you meant a bloke?! I'd be a bit worried about cock-touching etc!
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Oh FFS how innocent are you?

    In no particular order:

    Rubber Fetishism
    3 way with an intact TS
    Light S&M
    Heavy Bondage
    Symbians (edit: I meant Sybian FFS Grrrrrrrrr)
    Strap ons
    Mutual Shaving
    Food Sex
    Host a Swingers party
    Bestiality (best to avoid small pets though)
    Costumes/Dressing up
    Danger Sex

    The list goes on, but that should keep you going for a couple of years once you get your head around the ideas!!!

    As a caveat I in no way condone or criticise any of the above practices, nor do I claim to have taken part in any!

    Have Fun!
  7. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Is that like Chemistry sets and pastel colours!!!
  8. Does She have a dildo or some such? If so get her to stick it up your arrse when she sucks you off :D
    And yes i enjoyed it
  9. joey_deacons_lad: Yeah - I liked that idea but thought a finger was a better size. She coulda cut her bloody nails first!

  10. dont you just hate that :lol:
  11. Engage her in necrophilia. It's excellent for avoiding unwanted pregnancies.
  12. PM me with your (her) address and phone number then arrange to be out when I call on her. You can get her to tell you all about it later as you wank yourself into a frenzy - oh and tell her I might just bring a Thai ladyboy with me, so she can play with its tits as they take turns in deepthroating me. If nothing else it might get her imagination going. Oh and one other concept - tie her up naked, cover her pussy with deep heat or similar and fu ck off down the pub for a couple of hours. Hint: Be carefull when you untie her afterwards!
  13. Coprophilia - is that where she dresses up as a Policewoman ?
  14. Sadly nothing so innocent.
    Google says its all about taking a shite on your other half's chest and then rolling about in it a bit.

    And yes, I had to look it up :(
  15. take one times car battery and some jump leads, then add a nice rusty coat hanger and finnish off with a roll of black nasty..........