She Vomits

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Phil306, Jul 19, 2005.

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  1. mod edit: not a case of being wusses, just anyone can use this site we just use common sense, which appears to be lacking in some people

    Let us see if this lasts? You brits are actually wusses.
  2. :? She's still good to go, i'd do her.
  3. Now that is SICK!!!

  4. I thought this was the NAFFI??? Just because anyone can use this site, doesn't mean jack shit. I say your a wuss and have no balls.
  5. Learned to spell NAAFI first then vent your frustration :D What are you a illiterate cop from Californicate??? 8O

    Beside calling those in the country you want to retire to is not a way to generate strong friendships :?
  6. and i say you are a septic loser, and you fcuk your mother..words sure do hurt...
  7. But where the fcuk is Corporal when you need him??

    I'm going to his town in T minus 18 days and he said next time I'm over, he'd get the Bud on ice.

    Fcuking SPAM cheapskate. He knew I was coming, so dropped off the ends of the earth.

    Anyone else near Haines City, drop me a PM......I WANT MY BEER.

    C'mon you lot.....there must be some one

    (P.S. I like SPAMS, but I couldn't eat a whole one)
  8. Phil306, please stick to posting on and where i see you are a mod in the cop section, nice!
    or you could continue at how was your shotgun course ?
    Or you could carry on posting on

    or just keep posting SAS book reviews on amazon:

    Stop being a turd, your letting your countrymen down.