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She must have been pissed.....

Fucking homo! What a let down for the male of the species. He should have frog marched her into the nearest toilet and smashed her up the shitter whilst flushing her head in the toilet.


Give the man a break! He was as high as kite!
I'd have rattled her over the duty free trolly!!!
If she was that pissed, how come they either let her on the plane, or carried on serving her whilst she was on board...and as this is the NAAFI...I'd of banged her like the privvie door when a dose of the shits was in town.
only thing I can think of is if his supervisor had seen the whole affair occur and she happened to be some sixty odd year old with purple hair and so many bats and cobwebs up her fanny that it was listed on the register of British haunted locations; he might have had to act offended and report her or risk losing his job. Either that or he likes meat truncheon take your pick because I would do her right in the dirt-trap too


Easily explained. Most airline stewards are rampant shirtlifters. If it was Tom cruise or brad Pitt they would've been straight into the bogs for sweaty man sex.
Next Time I fly to SA with Virgin, I will wear An ARRSE T shirt, so birds will they will get it up the Arrse at 33000, some of the Virgin dollys are quite large, norks an all.......I see if they up for it!!

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