She is doing her bit - can you help?

You know where my money goes to.
I waited a few days before replying to this- chances are that anyone going to sponsor will have done so by now so whatever I say is not going to make any difference.

As someone who was quite involved with Crisis at Christmas in the early years, I was suprised to learn that people are being sponsored, merely to volunteer.

It's of no matter that I find it a bit odd; giving volunteering to help the disadvantaged, the same status as say, sponsorship for cycling down Mt Kilimanjaro or whatever.

But I think it's worth making the point that that volunteers don't have to be sponsored, in fact the vast majority aren't.

So if anyone wants to give their time at Christmas, you could do a lot worse than volunteering for Crisis (as it is now known)

If you're not local, no matter-all you need is a sleeping bag.

Not only a chance to make a difference for those more unfortunate, you'll meet some interesting people,both among the homeless and the volunteers, and come away with different views on the situation amongst the Single Homeless.

[and if walt-hunting floats your boat, you'll have a field day amongst those on the streets claiming to be ex-service! :):)]

Link for volunteering here: Volunteer for Crisis at Christmas
The money she raises goes to the charity, not her, but hey you just crayon over the thread thats trying to make a difference for people that are less fortunate


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