She enjoyed me touching her

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by panzerknacker, Oct 19, 2011.

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  1. Thats one scary ******* woman
  2. Why were they both in a hotel room together if not for a quick drink from the furry cup?
    But how is that a police officer?
  3. Yet again, allegations flung around wildly with barely a shred of evidence. How the **** does this so called NEWSpaper know that it's a woman?
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  4. I was only practising M'Lud.
  5. Holy Jesus! It's Michael Bolton in drag! I'd rather be rogered by Ripley!
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  6. No matter how desperate, no matter how drunk I would never, ever, want to wake up next to that.

  7. That is Arrse slag Bustygem isn't it?

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  8. She is only a ‘practising lesbian’ so perhaps she can be excused for not getting it quite right.
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  9. Police Constable?
    Pie Contender.
  10. Oof! I bet she can shit.

    She reminds me of "Nanny" from Count Duckula.
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  11. Rock biter

    Rug muncher
  12. I've done wor......err no, no I haven't.
  13. Practicing? She looks like she graduated with honours.
  14. Constable? No....she waxed beforehand.
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