She does think she is worth 250K

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. Despite Jan Hamilton denying she was taking the MoD to the cleaners for 250k, it appears she is and has. The amount still hasn't been confirmed but it appears she is more than happy with the sum rumoured in the press (remember, she told us she had gone to the Press Complaints Commission). The latest article from Friday 30 May;

    Daily Hate 30 May 2008

    Didn't she complain that the media were making things up? Didn't she claim on here she had got in touch with the Press Complaints Commission (26 May 08) but has actively invited the Daily Mail and allowed the above release? The interview probably took place before those dates but surely if she had issued a complaint, the article wouldn't have gone to press?

    Has this person no morals?

    She has stripped her website down due to 'threats of violence'. I thought she was supposedly made of stronger stuff than that? Or has she removed the photos and bio because people were asking some probing questions about her claimed service?

    She claimed she served as a soldier in various theatres but its strange that her medals dont actually reflect that. Is it because she was actually a civilian cameraman and journo? Fair enough, probably still in harms way but to mislead the media that youre a 'war hero' and were serving as a soldier on duty in those theatres is just not on. Unfortunately 'honey', your media spin is catching up with you.
  2. So we have a walt walting as a para and as a woman?
  3. I also read the article on Sunday and spent ages trying to find the original thread which has vanished, gut it certainly seemed a far cry from taking action against the press.

    More like a confirmation that Hamilton is in it for the money.

    Could be a good candidate for a safe Liebour seat with those credentials.
  4. I knew it, f**king liar.
  5. Shes been on here?
    I like her website "Jan Hamilton
    Presenter and Model"
  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Yes, with multiple personalities telling more lies than a NAAFI watch.
  7. Could this be the greatest Walt Outing of 2008?
  8. Link please? I'd like to see what shit it has been spouting cant find the old jan thread :D
  9. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Certainly puts her right on a par with the other lying, schizophrenic, money grabbing cockswapper.

    You know the one.

    Heather Mills.
  10. I think the original thread got binned. Dunno if it was down to pressure from Jan herself or other reasons unknown.

    Something certainly doesn't sit right in this whole thing though. And it has nothing to do with what the press has published. There are certain irregularities from Jan herself.

    For someone who claimed she just wanted a quiet life and to put all this behind her, she's got a strange way of 'being quiet'.

    'Model and presenter'?? Modelling what? JCBs?
  11. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    It was binned, most likely because Hamilton would probably be able to take action against the site. Lets see what the opinion is now the "accusations" he/she denied are turning out to be true.
  12. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    You can't have it both ways. Either you quietly get on with your choice and make no fuss, or you court the media at your peril.

    This Hamilton individual chose the latter and unsurprisingly has got burnt. You can't whinge now. You put yourself on national telly, on t'interweb and splashed yourself across the national newspapers including the redtops. If there is any question in your mind why the wolves came running for you, look at your own words when you said that you were frightened that you would be treated as some kind of freak.

    You made this scenario yourself, you made the circus ring, you placed your head in the lion's mouth and the lion chose to take a bite because that animal was one that you have antagonised and used to your own ends - as such - no sympathy from this callsign.

    Jog on and live quietly - that way no one will care, no-one will bother you. Stop trying to take money from the soldiers who remain.

  13. Are there any pics of it with its medals on? Ive just had a look its wiki page and it says it originally joined the Royal Irish Rangers, left to become a cameraman and then rejoined in 95 serving in Bos, Afghanistan and Iraq.
  14. One messed-up individual... And one equally messed-up system of compensation awards.
  15. If I recall there was only some dispute as to the earning of it's wings, there was no record of an Ian Hamilton passing the jumps course.

    I didn't know there was allegations of further walting?

    Yes jan did come on here, at first pretending to be someone who knew jan but eventually fessed up, and then proceded to lie about sueing the MOD, she stated that no money was saught by her, and that she would not accept a penny, and that she was still in discusion with the army.

    She then repeated this statement on her website whilst avoiding difficult questions, like if she was TA, why does she need to discuss leaving, and if she was going for an FTRS posting the medical would have required CBT95's which is unisex.

    she then changed the reason why she was offended from being about the uniform to being about the beret and wings, when someone pointed out that these are also unisex it became about her army ID instead.

    Basically he /she /it is a lying two faced f*cker and a publicity whore.