She could of course eat less Pies.

Complaining about how worse off she and her daughter will be when the cap on benefits comes into force this single mother doesn't know how she will cope.Can you offer any suggestions that will help her cope?.


I could, but as this isn't the NAAFI ....
Sell her ring.


Book Reviewer
Not even a little bit?
Cernunnos and B_and_T,

Please report to the Big Brother Diary Room. Your naughty step is prepared.
Fewer pies.
The argument tends to break down when such bleat about not been able to manage on the benefits received...........and then discover the individual is 18 stone+ with five chins!
I'm glad that Markintime cleared up that little misunderstanding. My mind was boggling at the thought, though no doubt some Arrser would take the offer.

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