She been "neglecting her wifely duties"


This morning, I went down on the wife for the first time in fukcing ages. Fingers on the G-Spot, little vibrator fukcing thingy - the whole bloody lot. Suffice it to say, she had a bloody great time of it.

Within minutes, pots can be heard being bashed in the kitchen. Wandering downstairs to the smell of bacon frying, No. 2 informs me that, "Sorry, I've been neglecting my wifely duties these last few weeks." Fantastic. Mind you, she's South African, so perhaps she's reverting to type and thinks she's a maid - albeit a white one?

Thing is, do I let her carry on like this or use this as an opportunity to whack it up her trench and suffer only the punishment of bringing things back to normal?



Fukcin' hell - it's actually humming to itself now - and I can still smell her twunt on my nose. Must have been in deep.
Intercourse with resuscitated wife for particular number of days, superstitious act designed to insure safe operation of household machinery. Electricity mourns the absence of the energy form (wife) within the household’s walls by stalling its flow to the outlets. As such an improvised friction needs to take the place of electricity, to goad the natural currents back to their proper levels. This is achieved with dead wife. She must be found, revived, and then penetrated until heat fills the room, until the toaster is shooting bread onto the floor, grabbing your bottom. Then the vacuum rides by and no one is pushing it, it is on full steam. Days flip past in chunks of fake light, and the intercourse is placed in the back of the mind. But it is always there, moving into a static-ridden corpse that once spoke familiar messages in the morning when the sun was new.
The age of wire and string by Ben Marcus

Nice one tricky.


Amazon: "THE AGE OF WIRE AND STRING, "the most audacious literary debut in decades," Ben Marcus...

Well, I wouldn't presume...
what have you got to loose?

stick it where the sun dont shine and if she bitches just tell her you have been neglecting your manly duties 8O :twisted: :twisted:

agent smith
Was the deed done??

agent smtih

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