Shayler to stand against Blair in election

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 18, 2005.

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  1. I nearly lagged my pants when i read this :D

    If ever there was a perfect example of when tactical voting was appropriate! :twisted:

    shayler stands against bliar
  2. 'Rebel spy'? Isn't that what Darth Vader kept hunting for? :D
  3. So that votes for blair then .choice betwen a lying smiling git .And a fat bloke who got upset because the secret service did dodgy stuff.
    For fucks sakes their spooks their supposed to bring pain and suffering to our nations enemies .
  4. Shayler has done nothing but cash in on his links M15,

    The guy is a daytime TV shitester, always keen to jump on the popular bandwagon...

    @Calypso.. Dam lost a mouth full of beer you c*nt!!
  5. Still better than that cock gobbler Blair!
  6. Maybe there should be a joint ticket with Richard Tomlinson! Now that'd be interesting.
  7. I wonder if Mr.Shayler has a penchant fir country walks in woodland?
  8. although backing al qaida types to knock off gadaffy it retrospec not the smartest plans :(
    although what can we expect from british intelligence :cry:
  9. Reg Keys (father of Redcap LCpl Tom Keys killed by mob in Iraq) is also proposing to stand against Blair, and has called upon Cons and Lib Dem as well as Shayler to withdraw. LibDems have already said that they will field a candidate as normal. Scotsman
  10. TFI hackle