Shayler to stand against Blair in election

I nearly lagged my pants when i read this :D

David Shayler, the rebel spy, is to stand against the Prime Minister in the forthcoming general election, it has been confirmed.

Mr Shayler, who was jailed for six months in 2002 for revealing official secrets, will run in Mr Blair's Sedgefield constituency.

The ex-MI5 officer said he would campaign on two anti-war issues and on Mr Blair's "attacks on democratic rights over the last eight years".

Mr Shayler, a former counter-terrorism specialist, claimed the Prime Minister's backing for the Iraq war had put Britons at greater risk from terrorism.

He said: "If we can encourage a large protest vote in Sedgefield, it would send a clear message to the politicians of this country that the people have had enough of autocratic leaders who fail to represent their constituents.

"Our democracy is in crisis and unless we act now there will be no democracy left worth fighting for in five years' time."

He added: "Who knows, if things go right, the people of Britain might again be dancing in the streets over another 'Portillo moment'."

Mr Shayler said he would "represent neither left nor right" and campaign on Mr Blair's "credibility and ability to lead in the light of his lies over the war".

He would also highlight the premier's "uncritical support of the illegal invasion of Iraq", he said.

Mr Shayler, 39, who was born in the neighbouring constituency of Middlesbrough, also accused the Prime Minister of being "a symptom and a cause of Britain's decaying democratic infrastructure".

In 1997 Mr Shayler began a series of disclosures which he claimed revealed incompetence and corruption in the intelligence services.

He revealed agents tapped former Labour Cabinet minister Peter Mandelson's telephone for three years in the late 1970s because they wrongly feared he was a Soviet agent.

He also disclosed that MI5 had files on Jack Straw, the Home Secretary, and Harriet Harman, the Solicitor General, and that M16 once attempted to Kill Col Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader.
If ever there was a perfect example of when tactical voting was appropriate! :twisted:

shayler stands against bliar
So that votes for blair then .choice betwen a lying smiling git .And a fat bloke who got upset because the secret service did dodgy stuff.
For fucks sakes their spooks their supposed to bring pain and suffering to our nations enemies .
Shayler has done nothing but cash in on his links M15,

The guy is a daytime TV shitester, always keen to jump on the popular bandwagon...

@Calypso.. Dam lost a mouth full of beer you c*nt!!
Still better than that cock gobbler Blair!
I wonder if Mr.Shayler has a penchant fir country walks in woodland?
although backing al qaida types to knock off gadaffy it retrospec not the smartest plans :(
although what can we expect from british intelligence :cry:
Reg Keys (father of Redcap LCpl Tom Keys killed by mob in Iraq) is also proposing to stand against Blair, and has called upon Cons and Lib Dem as well as Shayler to withdraw. LibDems have already said that they will field a candidate as normal. Scotsman
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