Shaylee Houghton

Right Chaps,
I have volounteered myself to ride, on a push iron non the less, from coast to coast , starting from Hull ending in Southport in as quick a time as possible. Its all in aid of a young girl that is called Shaylee Houghton and she is very ill from cancer.You can find the group on facebook and join even if its just to offer vocal support.
Now the reason i am writing is to ask anyone for help in terms of possible kit and equipment i might need. I have the bike and shoes that are my own already but could do with maybe spare rear wheels, inner tubes tools or winter cycling clothing. other than that please join the facebook group and just by donating a pound we can make a difference to this young girls and her mothers life.
By the way its a bloody long way and i am planning on doing it at the end of November and the weather wont be at its best. Any messages of support would be greatly appreciated
many thanks great people of arrse!!!!

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