Shaving your chest - suspect?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gobbyidiot, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. My chest's been itching and bugging me - little bit of prickly heat rash, although I think once you notice it the scratching makes it worse. Plus there was a bit of grey in there - not welcome.

    So last night, quiet moment, I ran the clippers over it and gave it a quick shave.

    It looks really, really, odd. a) I didn't appreciate I had downward facing nipples. b) I didn't realise how little muscle I had high up on the chest. Stripped to the waist I keep pulling me eyes to slits and saying into the mirror, "Konichiwa".

    Am I on a downward spiral, or is this fair enough?
  2. Mate, you might as well start wearing fashionable clothes and mincing around with a handbag. Homo.
  3. I have a lovely bra and gorgeous skirt you can have....
  4. Gay gay gay gay, gay gay gay gay!!!!

    GAY....... GAY........ GAY...... GAY......GAY!

    That was big Ben telling you you're gay!

    At 5 o'colock!
  5. It's actually 12 minutes to 5.
  6. Off to see Mama Mia later on are we? :D
    Oh and btw I shave my chest, turns on the women faster than a £50 note :oops: :roll:
  7. Its not in Straightville you poof
  8. You mean it turns on 15 year olds you Nonce!

    Real women like a chest you can clean your gas parts with!
  9. Shaving the chest is always suspect:

    Did you make sure the old chest was old and hairy?
  10. are you a para regt capt ????
  11. if you hurry you can catch the end of pride poof
  12. Sorry mate,

    All mine have been over 20 so can't be a nonce.
  13. its not gay if you get rid of chest hair with a blowtorch,but if done any other way then i,m sorry...............your a gay wnacker!
  14. Gayer than a well greased Thai Ladyboy. Have you considered officer training?
  15. Well if you aint gay prove this aint you. :wink: