Shaving /waxing/ Sack & crack

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Outstanding, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. So my mate is having his back waxed, but should he have the whole lot off, does it really hurt and how long does it stay off, it must itch?!!
  2. These were questions we asked him!!
  3. My missus waxed the table and she didn't complain.

    Neither did the table.
  4. Someone's mate is gay, and he doesn't know it yet - he'll be sitting down to pee next!
  5. Queere than a queer thing in Queersville, Queeristan. Get a fcuking life.
  6. Why is 'your mate' having his back waxed? Surely there are better things to do with your, I mean his, life.
  7. His wife asked him to, apparently he is a little "hairy"!! Cant comment on it though!
  8. Fecking little hairy? When you've got a back like a gorilla then its HAIRY, but you can forget that raving homosexuality that is waxing.

    I take it she has a baldy mott then as she is requesting a sack and crack as well?
  9. Surely thats her problem then, not his.
  10. If he has to be a queerbag non-hairy type then he should at least do it like a man, waxing is gayer than 3 para mortars. Tell him to burn it all off with a aerosol flamethrower.
  11. Yes have it all off, yes it is a little uncomfortable, it grows back slowly and thinner than before over a period of about 4 weeks and no it doesn't itch
  12. Sounds like a naked-rollmat-fighter.
  13. So you've got a hairy minge then?
  14. Sounds like a raving hom.