Shaving, waxing, growing, grooming body hair merged threads

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by error_unknown, Jul 6, 2004.

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  1. Looking at a copy of Playboy recently, I noticed that every bird in it had a fully shaved chuff. What do we think?
  2. Does it count for blokes as well?
  3. How can a bloke shave his chuff??

    As for the removal of body hair, personally I have a body like a gorilla that's fallen into a vat of 'Regaine', so it would take years to achieve...
  4. Male Admin V important!
    Short and Neat a MUST....
    No need to go all out,
    just target zone..... :oops:
  5. My ex used to let me shave her every few months, bald !! Nothing like a smooth, sliky surface to slide my tongue around and in & out !!

    Changed to reflect the fact I have NEVER shaved Ex-Dvrs willy area, and NEVER ran my tongue up and down his lengh.
  6. All depends on the b1tch I reckon.

    I had one bird who's chuff resembled a mangled chicken and was the same colour as a baboons arse, that one should have been kept well under wraps 8O
  7. couple of points!! :lol:
    i am not a HER!!
    you have NEVER shaved me..i am naturally a slaphead!!
    and i don't fancy you to let you run your tongue over my head!! :lol: :twisted:
  8. why is it that most men prefer shaven though :?: :?:
  9. Changed, soz! :oops:
  10. Same reason cats cough up furballs. That and the fact that there is nothing worse than going down on a bird, nose buried in snatch, and then realising that just after she had her last p1ss, she wiped forward and deposited a lovely boquet all over her rug 8O
  11. Ah thank you for enlightening me Aunty..

    will now be off with razor.
  12. Good drills!
  13. Photo evidence please!
  14. LOL Aunty

    Shave ladies, you know it makes sense :wink:

    Edited due to overconsumpton of beer... 8)
  15. LIPPPPPPPPY ! Well, I, never........................