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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by biscuits87, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    So I've just completed by BARB test which I had 78 - better than I thought.
    I also had a Level 2 for my Literacy & Numeracy tests.

    I'm aiming for R Signals Communications System Engineer. The recruiting Sgt told me that I would have been able to do it but my GCSEs let me down (Had a E in Maths and D in English). I did that when I was 16.

    However, since then I've completed a BTEC National Diploma in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. A HNC in Computer Studies and a bunch of other Key Skills exams. I'm now 23.

    The Sgt said that once my medical has cleared he'll have to send off and see about getting my Maths grade changed from an E to a C. I'd like to think this is possible otherwise it feels like I did the HNC for nothing.

    At the moment my first choice has now changed to R Signals Comms Sys Operator, which I'm not too upset about.. but as I said it wasn't my first choice.

    Anyone heard of the grade being changed before? Suggestions/advice would be very welcome.
  2. Its called a shading , where the SPSO for the specific jobs will look to see your other results and say if they would be happy taking you with equivalent grades. Your Recruiter is right what hes trying to do for you but will of also said that there are plenty of people with required grades and not as many jobs now so it in a lot of cases SPSOs arent making as many shadings as previously...however stick with what your Recruiters doing and wait out and see as you still only just started the process and a lot can happen.
  3. Thanks Iron! He did say that there was a long wait (In certain cases May '11!) for some jobs, but wasn't sure about CS Eng.
    I'll wait and see what happens then, fingers crossed! :)
  4. The Royal Signals don't want Comms Sys Engr, for this year however but as for all trades next year looks like the next possible intakes. With your skill base look at the EW Sys Op, it uses the Comms Sys Op trade as a foundation and then goes away and uses interigation of the comms to achieve its goal.
  5. EW Sys OP has nothing in common with CS Eng apart from your cap badge :) 2 very different trades!
  6. I was hoping for CSE as I work in the Telecoms trade at the moment and thought this would further build on my foundation.
    I'm sure I'd have some great qualifications when I come out, I can't imagine BT or Cisco jumping at me if I tell them I used to work in Elec War.

    If I can't get CSE then I'll go for CSO.. but I'm gonna try my hardest to get a CSE role.
  7. Same again Comms Sys Op is a very different trade. Telecomms wise you have CS Eng (config and install) or Inst Tech (Copper and Fibre networks). If you are set on telecomms work then stick it out until a slot is free. If you are technically minded you will not be happy as an operator.
  8. Thanks for that Disco! I'll keep that in mind, even if I've gotta stick it out for another 6 months.

    Cheers again!