shaving my runtime fast

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by signals, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. hi im currently running my 1.5 mile run in about 13 and a half minutes i know it's terrible, bu ti was wondering has anyone got any tips fir improving my time within a month or so, or is it just a case of running everyday? any help would be great thanx
  2. well lots of running, and am no expert but some interval training would help (I have been told)... search the forums for it there are other threads on interval training hints & tips.

    would not run every day though......... maybe 3 days of longer runs/or more intense training, interspersed with a couple of lesser days that 'keep things ticking over' but arent quite as intensive and you have to incorporate some rest days.

    oh, and watching what you eat.
  3. I almost came here to abuse, thinking it's a WAH! However, I'm in a good mood today.
    The guru (my old QMSI at Aldershot) recommends interval training as a means of building up speed:
    Jog for 10 minutes to warm up
    Run as fast as possible for 1 minute followed by a jog for two minutes.

    Start with 6 of these per session. Build up to 10, reducing the 'rest' time to 1 minute. Always warm down with a jog.

    Eventually the work out should last about 35 minutes.

    Got my time down; then again, I didn't start out that fcuking slow!
  4. Interval training.

    Warm up 1.5 miles easy running.
    For the next 1.5 miles vary between dead slow running and dead fast running, lamposts are good to use as markers. You should be on your knees by the time you finish.

    Incidently it takes me 11 minutes to do 1.5 miles, I'm 38, anyone behind me had better have a good excuse
  5. On the p*ss the night before a good excuse :D
  6. Thats no excuse :) , Ive had a few good session's in the gym the morning after a massive bender and curry, Ive never worked that one out.... :? Only last sunday I stuffed my self silly at a Chinese buffet and I was dreading going to the track the next morning but I ran twice as far :twisted:
  7. 1 day run your fat cnut off

    1 day fartlekking (interval training)

    1 day bike riding.... if you haven't got one get one and push it all the way - this will continue to build muscle/cardio strength and allow the bones and joints to have a rest which in later years you will appreciate.

    1 day in the gym doing assorted work outs.... go on the cross trainer for 20 minutes first to get the cardio going and also do sit ups/press ups/pull ups etc etc aswell as weights... Your local "run around my bronzed body 10 times GO!" will be able to help you out - if not then get onto you QMSI as I always found them spot on.
  8. Actually agree with you crazybrit. Some of the easiest CFT's ive done as been on the morning after a good night out. I think its because your still p*ssed and you dont shut the f*ck up and having a laugh. Then the headache kicks in but your normally done by then.

    Back to the original question, everyone as hit the nail on the head interval and farkleck training. Gets your times right down.
  9. my way of getting a good cardio is as listed above but with a slight bit of variance:

    1 day run your fat cnut off

    1 day interval training

    1 day bike riding or swimming.. swimming might be the best if you are at aching point, and if you can get access to a resistance pool, they work wonders.

    1 day in the gym, start with a treadmill warm up or something steady to get your heart rate up, then assorted weights. (depending on your body size and build it might be a good idea getting a personalized weight program)

    When i go running i do a slow 1.5 mile run, then run my nads off for another 1.5 miles, then have a 1.5 mile slow run again to cool down. I also put on the old ipod and try to sing away whilst running, i guess it might be just me but i think it helps with breath control.
  10. You can use shortness of breath or lack of to determine how your training, cheaper alternative to a HRM. If you can sing constantly speed up, cant sing much slow down....

    Im suprised no one has mentioned doing squats. They help build strong legs...strong legs help with tabbing... Plus it advise's you to do squats in the 'Get Fit For The Army' booklet, But yes swedish Fartlek method is tried and tested.
  11. when i frist started traning for my run it was bad but one of my mates sed that fartlet traing is the best (dont no if i have spelt it right lol), and i found this was the best what it is (if you do it on the road) warlk to one lap post then jog to the next lap post then speed it up a bit more at the next lap post then the sprint as fast as you can for 2 lap posts then start agen. this is a very good way to speed it up mate.
  12. Was that one of your mates in playschool. DUMBASS.

    Take a tip from me on behalf of all us ARRSE members. Please don't join the Army. Let us all sleep at night knowing your not attempting to join.

  13. uh-ho here we go again :D
  14. Signals,

    The easiest way to reduce / improve on a PFT (1.5 mile) is to adopt the following:

    1. Mentally picture the route in your mind and imagine running around it.

    2. Take off your disco daps and socks, get a lump hammer and break your toes into a bloody mush.

    Point No1. Only there for fat, walt-esque, non runners.

    Point No2. This will keep you out of the take aways in your area for a while you fat cnut.