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Shaved Monkey

not a bad set of norks she has there:):)

its moral boosting:):)

and if she had undies on, then they must have been pulled up inside her:)cos shes got nowt on down there!!(even better)

nice to see a normal bit of stuff ready for drill(or drilling:)
Dare I say it? I'd give 'er......nah!

What was the dopey trollope thinking?

I suppose she thought her caring, loving boyfriend would keep it to himself as a treasured momento.......heh!!!

But then again, doesn't The Sun actually pay out for these photos, in which case she should have know better?

Monkey or not, squaddies are squaddies. If he reads these pages, maybe he'd be good enough to post some more so we can get a fuller picture.
EX_STAB said:
billyx said:
fuller picture.

i was dissapointed at the same lack of scroll ability:)
I'll bet the lot was on show in the original. I also suspect the poster has seen it hence the thread title.
Well, actually no, I haven't seen the picture in full. The fact that I have been out for a couple of years now, means that my access to DII is zilch. I just thought it would be a catchy title.
Come on everone, the Women with Guns thread failed to reveal any British service women so it took the RMP to 'Exemplo Ducemus'. So as usual others trail where the Corps leads. Where are your ladies then?
at last a monkey i wouldnt mind handcuffing me up and buggering me with her truncheon, as long as she lets me return the favour.

very nice- would love to see the photo's they couldnt use.

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