"Shaun of the Dead"

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Corporal, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. Just when I think you Brits are totally useless and I am about to throw away my ARRSE membership card, you restore my faith. It kills me to say that a bunch of Brits made one of the funniest movies ever. Well worth a couple of hours to watch.

    "Kill the Queen!"


    "The jukebox, you git!" :D
  2. Ed: Hey, Shaun, look who it is!
    Shaun: F*CK-A-DOODLE-DO!

    I'll get me coat....
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Someone just woken you up for your annual bath Corpse ?
  4. Every December, whether I need it or not! :wink:

    Besides, mom is at bingo tonight.
  5. It is a gem tho aint it. I like it where they r sifting through the records!

  6. "Batman soundtrack?"

    "Throw it!"

    I was in tears during that scene. :D
  7. Looks like someone's had it away, mate...

  8. HAHAHA! Excellent
  9. Pedantic moment now

    The pub in the film, The Winchester, was in fact by match day local, The Duke of Albany. It was such a shiite hole they had to do the places exterior UP for the movie. The window broken in the film was actually broken and they didn't have permission to do it from the landlord and had to pay for a replacement, however the crafty sod pocketed the money and it stayed boarded up for months.

    Unfortunatly like so many pubs in south london it has recently closed to be turned into flats, it may of been a shiiitehole but it was our shiitehole and i will never forget my time there


    Duke of Albany RIP :( :( :( :(
  10. Quite odd that they chose a Sarf Laaaandan pub, when most of the film was filmed around Crouch End (Norf Laaaandan, you cahnt).
  11. The best joke in there, apart from the running-homage-to-Romero spotterism, is the bit where two teams of survivors bump into each other in the zombie-infested urban nightmare of Crouch End. The bird from "Spaced" is there if you look.

    They see each other, realise that the other side aren't zombies, say a sort of slightly embarrassed "oh, hiya" then move on as if they're in Waitrose. It's a very, very English gag.

  12. I like two bits.........

    Ed in the pub at the start: can I get any of you cnuts a drink" it was a timing thing,


    Shaun and Ed wake up with hangovers with ed asleep on the sofa.......

    Shaun..... "want anything from the shop? ", " ed looks up through one eye " Cornetto"

  13. 'I've got a splitting headache, and your stupid hiphop isn't helping!'
    'It isn't hiphop... it's electro'

    'Which do you want, girl or bloke?'
    'Errrr, the first one'

    'Is everything alright?'
    'Yeah it's fine, but we may have to kill my stepdad'
    'oh ok'

    'Why are we going to liz's?'
    'Because we do'
    'But she dumped you!'
    'I have to make sure she's alright'
    'Because I love her!'
  14. I am going to have to see this movie but does it do a

  15. Yes, it's also very funny, but you'll find yourself saying "Look, it's that bloke from............." all the way through the film.