Sharpshooter rifle to replace SA80?

will the sharpshooter rifle be replacing the SA80 A2? or will both weapons be used in service like GPMG and minimi? (do the army use the minimi or is it only royal marines and SF?)
Jesus wept. No it will not be replacing the L85A5.

Edit: And yes the Minimi is used by infantry.


Don't worry your airsoft 'loadout' will still be up to date. If you have a BMI of over 24 can i rub my groin against you? perhaps when we get to know each other you'll appreciate my sharpshooter when i exert special force xxxx
Did you actually get to hold a rifle before you said you wanted to leave?
I don't do airsoft. I am just curious. I don't know much about the GPMG or minimi as in cadets we only get to use the L98A2 GP rifle and LSW. as for u rubbing my groin against me, WTF you paedo I am not even 18! (In reply to tango lima)
The King is dead, let it go. Sharpshooter is a UOR due to leave service in 2015.
Out of interest what will they do with them, Storage?

I am long out of the army now but thought the sharp shooter a good idea when I saw it being introduced. Why are they binning it?

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