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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Trip_Wire, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I'm Collecting all the 'Sharpe's' videos/movies I can find. I have nine so far. I've been told there are 14 total. Is that correct? (I get them through Netflick.)

    I love the characters and plots in this series! :wink:

    Of course, one of my favorites besides Sharpe is SGT. Harper!

    I'm pretty sure there must be a load of others here on ARRSE that are fans of the Sharpe's series and (Sean Bean.)
  2. 14 in the original series created by Central TV.

    However added a 15th called Sharpes Challenge where he returns to India to discover the fate of his mucker Harper.

    Try Ebay for the odd one or complete boxset, but dont pay over about £35 for the lot as they are going for no more than that.

  3. agreed, the books are fantastic,the way Cornwell writes will leave you hungry for more, so my advice would be to read them in order if you can.

    some of his other stuff is good read also
  4. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I have the video/movie of this one (One of my Nine)

    I have no doubt, that the books are better; (They usually are.) however, at this point I'm collecting the Video/movies.

    Thanks Guys for all the info! :wink:
  6. Can get them on bittorrent :)
  7. also Amazon, if you like historical fiction then try Simon Scarrow's "Eagle" series, on line with Sharpe but set in the Roman era - never thought I would say this but I rate him as high as Cornwell,
  8. Sharpes Challenge is a rehash of a couple of 'prequels' that Bernard Cornwell wrote about Sharpe's time in India (e.g. Sharpes Tiger), which was before the books on the Peninsular War. Unfortunately, time has not been kind to Darragh O'Malley and to include him in the story, it had to be set after the Battle of Waterloo!
  9. Must admit - I like them. You can get the entire collection for about £29 now.
  10. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    In googling around the 'net, I found these two websites that had the info I needed plus!



    Sharpe's Rifles
    Sharpe's Eagle
    Sharpe's Company
    Sharpe's Enemy
    Sharpe's Honour
    Sharpe's Gold
    Sharpe's Battle
    Sharpe's Sword
    Sharpe's Regiment
    Sharpe's Siege
    Sharpe's Mission
    Sharpe's Revenge
    Sharpe's Justice
    Sharpe's Waterloo

    Books, not made into Videos:

    Sharpe's Devil
    Sharpe's Tiger
    Sharpe's Triumph
    Sharpe's Fortress
    Sharpe's Trafalgar
    Sharpe's Prey
    Sharpe's Havoc
  11. I liked the books. I found TV's recreation of battles with 25 extras a side trying to look like several divisions spoilt the TV series.
  12. Thought the 3 India "prequels" were the best of the series.
    Oh and Sharpes Rifles was excellent as well.(The first Cornwell wrote i believe?)
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    yeah, that does detract along with one side or another always wiping the other out to a man with casualties completely in one favour or the other...
  14. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I have been able to collect so far 14 Episodes of the videos that are on DVRs. I'll be getting the last one Sharpe's Regiment soon which, as far as I know will complete the the video series. (15)

    I really enjoyed the series and of course liked Sean Bean! He is sort of like the UK equivalent to John Wayne to me!

    I wish there were more films or video like this around! I thought they were excellent! :wink: