Sharpening Kit Limits

Have recently been told that sharpening kits (i.e. Gatco) with angle guides and clasps are only suited to 4 inch blades or less. Anything greater than this, the clasp has to be moved along the blade mid sharpen.

Does anyone know if this is true?
Yes you're right but as long as you overlap your 4" sharpening arcs by an inch or so, you can still get an evenly razor sharp result. Unless you're sharpening your sabre, two arcs should cover most blades. The Gatco sharpening kit is excellent and if you have a knife fetish you really should get one.
But what about daggers? Those with the raised center on the blade could be difficult to attach the angle clasp to.

I beleive this is definitely the case with the Lansky kit.

What about the others?
I've got a spyderco sharpmaker.

It works by putting the rods in at a preset angle (40 deg). you then simply draw the blade down, keeping it perpendicular (sp?); shimples

You get a corse and fine triangular stones; it will become clear if you google it. there are videos on you-tube that show how easy it is to get the blade sharp as 10 men.

My swiss army knife can dry shave my arm hairs!
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