Sharpe shooters to bolster war on Taliban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. From The Sunday TimesFebruary 24, 2008

    Sharpe shooters to bolster war on Taliban
    David Leppard

    THE elite infantry unit made famous by the television series Sharpe, which starred Sean Bean, is to be deployed to fight the Taliban on the front line in Afghanistan.

    Military commanders say that the battalion, 1 Rifles, consisting of 450 crack troops and support, will be deployed alongside 3 Commando Brigade of the Royal Marines in September.

    The move, to be announced by Des Browne, the defence secretary, this summer, will mean that there will be more than 8,000 troops in Afghanistan - a significant upgrading of Britain’s fighting capability.

    It heralds a tacit recognition by ministers and military chiefs that the situation in the province of Helmand is precarious and may deteriorate further if Britain’s presence is not reinforced
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  2. I thought Sharpe was from the light coy of an line infantry bn, not the 95th?
  3. Sharpe was originially the 95th. He was attached, mit men, to the South Essex (amongst others) a fictional unit. He and his men retained their Riflemans jackets and proceded to fight in a general Rifleman way, but in a (and in command of a) Light Coy in a Line Inf Bn.

    Exclding the various special missions he undertook,a nd the bits when he was on the HQ Staff and still spent most of the time fighting.

    Of course the men of 1 Rifles will look more like this.....


    Than this (the unit that Sharpe made famous)


    Did Sharpe ever go to Afghanistan? I know Flashman did :p
  4. I think that youll find that some of the 1 rifles have done some of AACC to be a new composite part of 3 Cdo Bde also.
  5. Not trying to deviate this post but I've often wondered how Historians might view the likes of Sharpe, Hornblower and Aubrey in, say, a thousand years time. If the novels were the only thing to survive as a record, would Historians be falling over themselves screaming "Wah!" and "Walt!"
  6. IIRC the 1st two Sharpe novels were set in India, including the bit where he rescues Wellington form certain doom (at Assaye before he was actually Wellington I think)
    Def India but don't recall any reference to Afghanistan :D
  7. Why are 1 Rifles elite? Are they all commando trained now? Genuine question BTW.
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I think the 'elite' bit is journalistic license. No they are not all commando trained.
  9. No offense to the regiment under discussion, but is it not SOP for journo's to refer to ANY regiment they are writing about as "elite"?

    Makes for a better story, I suppose... :roll:
  10. They're elite because they are part of the British Army. But seriously I think its probably journo speak in the same way that every person a journo speaks to and quotes is an officer and everyone who serves on ops is a hero even if they only perform the important task of denying people access to the QMs
  11. I seem to recall an article in the Scum about SEME Bordon a few years back, referring to my own august Corps as "Elite". Mum was so proud.

    Will LE Rifles officers be issued with Heavy Cavalry-pattern swords from now on then? And will the 1 RIFLES motto be changed to "Chosen men... TO ME!"

    Just as long as we're not getting issued Baker Rifles...
  12. 1 the rifles are now part of 3cd but as far as im aware there has been no increase in commando training for them. Some maybe trained, But only like some members of any unit might be.
  13. And the RSM will have to change his name to Harper! :twisted:
  14. AFAIK, none of the Rifles have done the Commando course..
  15. I understand the Light Infantry regiments are the true ancestors of The Rifles.

    The Green Jackets are “johnny come latelys”, whilst the M4 lot and the D&Ds are very nouveau.