Sharpe returns

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by PartTimePongo, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. New Sharpe "Sharpe's challenge"

    2 x 90 minutes , starting next Sunday at 21.00 BST I believe.

    Damn fine television , except this time Sharpe ain't fighting the detested crapauds. I don't expect much change in the storyline , Sharpe gets a mission , meets a bloke who he thinks is a mate who turns out to be on the other team , meets the rouge's missus , does her , runs the blackguard through then defeats the french . Oooops sorry no French.

    Anyhoo , that's me camped in front of the box for 90 mins of quality TV.

    I expect all you GreenBoys are moist already.
  2. some french get slotted so thats good :) .definatly worth watching as if my missus would give me a choice .
  3. BRILLIANT thats my sunday evening sorted then :D
  4. 2100 hours tonight, ITV1, miss it at your peril. Good to see so many of the old cast memebers back together, too (goodies and badies!)
  5. Sharp, if he owened a pub he would be perfict.
  6. ... just to complete the collection.

    will it beat sharpes eagle though? that was top quality viewing!

    a quick question , i know at least 3 people in the block who have leant out thier sharpe collection to other people and never got it back. because the crafty nifter who borrowed it packed it in thier mfo and buggered off to thier new units. at 70 quid a box its not very funny! is there anyone else out there had the same???
  7. PTP, you know you will get in trouble if you mention Sean Bean, Sharpe and Moist in the same post.

  8. Fcuk me Dale, sod Sean Bean , did you see the pair that that "Burroughs Daughter" was sporting.

    She'd have got it, no problem
  9. She had a beautiful pair, like two little wet nosed puppies. hormones are stirring back soon :oops:
  10. Dirty Bathwater has never looked so erotic!
  11. Burroughs daughter was well worth a rewind and pause for a CTR , damn perky they were too . Dodd's Mistress would get it too , you just know she's filth. You couldn't take her home to your mum's for tea , she'd spot her for a dangerous slut straight off.


    You'd sleep with one eye open.....

    Dodds is in for a well-deserved filleting by Sharpe. A lot gorier this episode than I remember , and sorry to see the bloke from Green Wing lost his head so early.

    Right that's Monday night sorted and all. Meanwhile I'm off to conduct some further research into those perky little chaps :twisted:

    The very lovely Ms. Brown

    Image copyright
  12. Way ahead of you, her names Lucy Brown and theres no internet pictures......yet.

    Your right about that blokes mistress, the whole concubine temptress thing.

    Id fillet every bloke in the fortress for a sandwich with those two, a bit of posh and a bit of filth.

    Lovely stuff!
  13. Excellent buckling of swashes etc.

    But why oh why do they always have to have a full on chin wag at some moment of inevitable danger?

    Or perhaps it's just me who's screaming and flapping arms saying 'Don't stand there chit chatting! F*cking get a move on!'

    Who cares, it's got Sean Bean in it!

    Grim for that Captain chappie, spike through the schward! Nasty!
  14. Well according to (Another plug , advertise on Arrse) the DVD will be out 1st May?

    Oh joy , les petit chiens des Mlle. Brown in Hi-Definition

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :D

    Which one of the girlfolk is Sharpe going to take in a manly fashion then?