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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. Just veiwing Sharpe for the first time and in episode 1 the Rifles seems to be equiped with Brown Bess - is this correct?
  2. many thanks
  3. definately a copy of the Baker Rifle - the brown bess is thinner and longer
  4. hows about Sharpe the next generation.
    set during the Boar & Zulu Wars? the story is that after Sharpes forey out of retirement to do the Indian Mission, he returns to the UK on a training consultancy to Brecon Garrison, meets & falls in love with a Welsh Lady & they are fruitfull, hence his off spring being in a Welsh Regt. (so to be in the above mentioned campaigns)

    discussing this with a mate a few months back & he mentioned that a few sequel books were written with Sharpes grandson in the American Civil War.

  5. Bernard Cornwell brought out a series of books called "The Starbuck Chronicles" set during the American Civil War which feature (in passing) Sharpes son, however you have to be "sharp" (oh pun ) to spot him as he wasn't called Sharpe at all but Patrick (after Harper) Lassan (Sharpes French bits maiden name). In it he siad he was the son of a famous British officer who wanted him to join the 95th but he opted for the French Cavalry instead and fought in the Crimea. In the Starbuck books he only had a bit part which always hinted at being something bigger later down the line, unfortunatly the Starbuck books were fairly pants compared to Sharpe, although good history and battle scenes, they were let down by the main charecter Nate Sttarbuck, a Northerner fighting for the South, who came across as a bit of a whiney kid IMHO., he also shot up the ranks far too quickly.

    My other criticism was the similarity with the Sharpe book characters, there was a Simmerson, a Harper, a Hakeswill, Battle Flag was almost a copy of Eagle and This Bloody Ground was so similar to Sharpes Regiment it was a joke

    If you fancy them they are a good read but without Dick Sharpe they're a bit flat, Cornwell gave up after the fourth and started on the King Arthur books which where very good indeed

    The Starbuck Chronicles

    Battle Flag
    This Bloody Ground
  6. press it - the 24th Foot at Rorkes Drrift wereen't Welsh - it was the Warwickshire Regiment - they became the South Wales Borderers a few years later

    So Sharpe would have had to be a recruiter in the Bull Ring for his son to join the local regiment that ended up fighting the Zulus at Rorkes Drift!