Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Lewis, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. Sunday November 2nd, ITV1 at 9.00

    Sharps Peril.

  2. Sharpe, YTC.

  3. Can't wait. We have had to wait far too long without a Sharpe to watch on ITV. Now all we need is another Hornblower as well.
  4. I know we all watch it for the excellent soldiery, incompetence of the higher ranks (Other than Sharpe himself) and the kickassedness of it...............

    But does anyone know what the totty content is likely to be? Sharpe isn't sharpe without blood, bayonets and bodices aheaving.

    Can't wait for it to be on tomorrow :D
  5. 'Sharpe isn't sharpe without blood, bayonets and bodices aheaving.'

    Whilst I'm really looking forward to Sharpe's Peril, I seem to remember in the last Sharpe, set in India, he turned down the naked charms of the Governers' blond daughter and rode off into the sunset with a hefty, grizzled Irishman. I know comradeship is a fine thing but could Richard now be turning gay?
  6. My bold and ditto
  7. Speak for yourself! I only watch it in the hope that Sean Bean gets his kit off. I mean the military content.
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  8. Tis nice eye candy even i have to admit that, 8O but musketry and bodices do go so well together.
  9. Top Gear and Sharpe all in one evening I think I might just burst with excitment!
  10. Totty includes Bollywood Star Nandana Sen

    and French actress Beatrice Rosen.
    Story seems to follow on from Sharpe's Challenge, on the way home Sharpe finds a Company of East Indian baggage trains in distress, corrupt Commander, lot's of fighting and unearths some secret plot along the way to thwart.
  11. Top Gear? Tomorrow? Cheers for the heads up WW, I would have missed that
  12. It's a two-parter, by the way - second part a week later...
  13. Its not a New Series of Top Gear is it? I havent seen any PR For a new series
  14. Not long now :D