sharp pain very localised in middle of calf question

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by newlynpirate, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. After a heavy week of running (30miles+) I sometimes end up with a sharp pain in the middle of my left calf..This pain can be run threw, but my question is...Wghat is it? How to avoid it? Will it cause bigger problems etc
  2. I get the same thing, no idea what it is but stretching doesnt help it much. Will be interesting to see what people say.

  3. Possibly a calf tear, rice and strech.
  4. Query calf muscle partial tear possibly with some built up scar tissue. Lots of rest and if bad see your MO for physio. It could be potentially very bad if you ignore it to destruction, or just be annoying. I know what I would choose.
  5. Woah! I didn't realise it could be something so serious! Will tread very lightly and keep an eye on it.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Probably what I got.

    I've stopped training for two months now but I still get pain at random times of the day.

    See the EX_STAB rehab thread for the sorry details but it sounds very familiar. I knackered mine in May last year and it just never got better despite regular medical attention.

    Good luck.
  8. If you have a tear that has formed scar tissue you have to manipulate it out. Think of it like the inside of a bungee where a number of the elastic strands have melted together. That part of the muscle will not stretch out and impedes the rest of the muscle.

    You have to be quite firm using your thumbs to get in deep, this is why Physio is best, but once shown you can do it yourself. This breaks down the knotted area restoring flexibility.

    Not really serious if you sort it now.
  9. Sorry lol! Oops did it again...

  10. Could also be just common cramps, due to the strain given to the untrained body.
  11. I just knackered mine this evening during rugby training-it felt as if I'd been whacked hard in the calf and it brought me from full on sprint (for a prop cough cough) to a stop instantly. I'm stretching it as much as I can, used deep-freeze on it and am eating brufen as if they were smarties. I thought I had warmed up fully but obviously I didn't! I'm now hobbling around like a mong. :oops:

  12. Nothing new here then aye? :p :wink:
  13. Kin untrained body, finest fighting machines on the planet :?