Sharon: the prisons in Britain are very tough.


Mr Sharon said to told Mr Blair. “I have heard that the prisons in Britain are very tough. I wouldn’t like to find myself in one.”

Probably he fears to be beaten to death in British custody.

Silvan Shalom, the Israeli Foreign Minister, said the attempted arrest of Major General Almog and the risk to others as an “outrage”, saying he would press British authorities for a change in the law.
So Israel now dictates the UK how its laws should look.
Maybe I've been on a slight reality break, however last time I looked at the UK prisons service they allowed a vast range of comforts for the dross that inhabit them. Education for the unwashed, social skill to make the art of mugging more PC and assistance in adapting to freedom.......oh dear!!!

I have seen on working breaks to Saudi what their prisons are like.....punishment not rehabilation is the watchwords there. It works!

Bless Mr Sharon for his lip service to bLiar, he may see with rose coloured specs but same system, same s*it and still fed by the same people.

"Oh Miss......where is the whip....please?"
The story is, in fact, that Sharon has been invited to visit UK by Bliar (who has a penchant for issuing invitations to former terrorists), but has said no, because he fears that he will be arrested fr war crimes.
Perhaps we should introduce some type of Prison exchange system with the likes of mmmmm Hatteville in Belize, that hell hole in the Nicosia or Shandong No. 2 Labor Re-education Camp in Zibo in China, as our trade links are quite reasonable.

Might even take off, I wonder if some chav scrote would fancy a 4 week exchange with Big Errol and his brothers in Hatteville. You have 1 hours rec a week, pay for your water and usually share a cell with upto 8 others ,oh and theres 2 beds.

Weve only had 2 british soldiers incarcerated there; one didnt see the dawn and the other ended up P7M for psych reasons.
The Israelis need no help with running a tough prison. I took a walk round the former hilltop prison in Khiam, South Lebanon run by the Israelis and their proxy the SLA and it was very grim indeed. Prisoners were routinely beaten and given electric shocks and the cells were disgusting, must have been horrendous in the winter as the place gets snow. A bit different to our prisons!

It was dark and eerily quiet as my friend and I walked round the cellblock when a cat jumped out on us and we both absolutely sh*t ourselves!!
HMPS suffers from a greater degree of PC meddling than probably any other organisation under Brother Blair's vice like, but madly liberal grip. I would say more, but fear of a witch-hunt prevents me.
doomlord said:
The Israelis need no help with running a tough prison.
Probably you are right.

A British reporter arrested by secret agents on the streets of Tel Aviv has been released by the Israeli authorities after a day in custody.
I suppose that 'tough' British jail would look for Israeli general as 5-star hotel in comparison with Israeli ones.

The journalist said Israel should be ashamed of arresting him, and said he had been held in a "dungeon with excrement on the walls" and limited to "two hours of sleep", the Associated Press news agency reported.
Send him over to Pelican Bay. SHU status. 6X9 cell, 23 hr lockdown. No TV, books, etc. Just 4 walls and your thoughts. There are worse things in prison than Bubba.
YANK60 said:
6X9 cell, 23 hr lockdown. No TV, books, etc. Just 4 walls and your thoughts.
I thought that was called Extreme Inmating (quite a popular sport in Australia I understand). Mr McKay. Fear not a Macarthyesque witch hunt. Beans need to be spilled. Speak your brains. Hoot your trap off. Tell all. People have died for this right. Fcuk the leftie wnakers - their time will come.

Misanthropic of Wellingborough
Is it just me or does anyone else find the idea of paying £100,000 a year per person to keep them locked up a little steep? What should be done is have them used as free labour. Get them working in chain gangs doing the things that other people don't want to do. Id rather think that the chavs were doing something productive with their time instead of playing on their playstations.
I agree that they should be put to work, as long as they're not competing with legitimate businesses. Public projects such as road maintenance or mowing/landscaping public lands would be a good idea, and is practiced in many areas of the U.S. Maricopa County, Arizona has a program that works. MCSO
I quite agree on making prisoners do useful work during their sentences - since we're paying to feed, clothe and house the scrotes we ought to get some solid return on the investment (and it's quite the labour force going begging even if they were just mending roads). Unfortunately, it's not going to happen since Article 4 of the European Convention bans any kind of fored labour.
Another issue that bothers me is throwing drug offenders in prison for increasingly longer sentences with no treatment. Take meth for example. Where I live, if you are caught making methamphetamine, you're prosecuted and sentenced as a dealer, which means 3 years minimum. Most meth makers are not dealers, but addicts supplying their own habits. We need jails that specialize in drug rehab. The way it is now, we're spending $100 million each on new prisons to house maybe 1,000 inmates, and half of them are drug offenders. They gain access to drugs while incarcerated, and come out as addicted as when they went in. It makes no sense, and it's a waste of money. Sure, prisons bring jobs to a community, but that's no way to spur the economy. Who the hell wants to live in a prison town?
Juvenal said:
Unfortunately, it's not going to happen since Article 4 of the European Convention bans any kind of fored labour.
You don't have to force them, let them choose:

a) 8x6 cell with a television playing Barney 24x7. The grating in the centre of the floor must be the toilet, the sprinklers are on for 5 minutes each day to maintain hygiene.
b) 8x10 cell with a bed and ensuite facilities If you choose to work on a chain gang.
Convicted prisoners are required to work and are punished if they refuse to do so. You cannot force remands to work as they are techniquely "innocent" something about the Magna Carta or Habeas Corpus.

They are very effective drug treatment programmes run in British prisons both by Prison staff and a number of charities, but despite a lot of glad handing by politicians they are still cut back. In the case of one of the most successful drug treatment Prisons ever in British penal history it was re-roled to suit the present political climate, HMP Downview.

Opportunties for education and training would leave most inner city schools in shame.

Despite what some in the media would have you believe British prisons are neither hotels or dungeons. HMPS is underfunded, poorly led (with some notable exceptions) and seldom recognised by those outside for the work it does.

I have experience of jails in the US and ours are models of control in comparison. In the SW US I know of prisons were they have 1500 on an exercise yard supervised by staff in guard towers who shoot to kill in every case, compare that with the UK where you will see 250 on a yard supervised by 4 staff in with them armed with sticks! I have also experienced prisons in our present major AOR and can testify firsthand (although I wont) to the inhumanity of their system.

The system may be at fault, but those who work in it seldom are.
In U.S. prisons correctional officers don't shoot to kill in every case. That's preposterus. What experience exactly do you have with the U.S. penal system? I have 3 family members employed in various capacities in our prison system, both at the state and federal levels. Deadly force is always a last resort. Attica was a long time ago. In modern penitentiaries, there are several non-lethal methods used to regain control when trouble breaks out. When officers do cross the line, and it happens, they become inmates themselves.
YANK60 - Sorry, I may have overstated my case there, I was on a bit of a roll. I also have family members who work in the US penal system at state level, and have visited federal and state prisons in a professional capacity. Our staff manage equally violent and dangerous prisoners, but without any alot of the control measures I have seen in US jails. Deadly force is never used except by prisoners on each other or staff. We are talking about two systems poles apart.

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