Sharon Fighting for his life.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. According to BBC Sharon is now fighting for his life following another stroke.
  2. I just read that myself. Could be a problem for the roadmap peace plan, Sharon seemed to be one of the few committed to it.
  3. Bibi Netanyahu was Sayeret Matkal (his brother led the Entebbe raid). Wonder if he knows how to poison people?

    Having said that, Sharon looked like he'd enjoyed a few full English breakfasts (ixnay on the bacon and pork perhaps...)
  4. I said this would happen , this exact thing. I really don't hold much for his chances, and this comes at the worst possible time.
  5. Totally ignorant of any sensible alternatives to Arik.... Netanyahu is a fool, and Sharon was finally casting off the shackles of the militant Orthodox lot by setting up outside Likud. Who, if anyone, is likely to step up?
  6. at least with Netanyahu in charge, Israel could compete with Iran in the World's Maddest Leader (democratically elected) Division 1.
  7. The Premier League consisting of..?
  8. Young Kim and Bush43?
  9. Premier League (not quite so democratic)

    That mad fecker in Burma
    That mad fecker in Tajikistan (you know, the one with the ice palace in the desert, beard ban and day of the week renamed to his mothers name)
    That mad fecker in Byelorussia
    Hugo Chavez
    Evo Morales (the coca farmer in charge in Bolivia)
    Fidel Castro

    any other suggestions?

    Excluded the Iranian guy as he was democratically elected... Sigh.
  10. Robert Mugabe
  11. Thabo Mbeki?

    Oh and the bloke from Tanzania(?) that was accused of electoral fiddling last week.
  12. "accused of electoral fiddling last week"

    Nay the've been accusing Bush 43 for years shirley.
  13. Ehud Olmert the acting PM was accused of dodgy dealings as mayor of Jerusalem, no doubt Bibi and co could bring this up again. However he was a loyal ally to Sharon and a firm believer in Sharon's unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and Sharon's plans for the West Bank.
    I think it's inaccurate to talk about the Road Map - that is long dead and both sides seem to be playing it by ear. Sharon and Olmert are concerned about the demographic survival of Israel not a 'just' settlement with the Palestinians so the unilateral policy.
    However saying that I hope what ever happens with Sharon I hope he doesn't suffer - cerebral hemorrhages are nasty.
  14. This development is good for Netanyahu and not good for the Palestinians/Iranians.
    Sharon has led an extraordinary life first as a military officer and then in politics. Prayers are with Ariel Sharon,his family and the Israeli people.