Shark Death on Vandenberg AFB in California

Lucas McKaine, a 19 yo university student was killed today by a shark while surfing at Surf Seach. He was bitten about 100 yards offshore and his leg was severed. His friend went out to him and got him ashore but he bled to death before EMT's Vandenberg AFB Fire Department could get to him.

There are three beaches at Vandenberg. Two are only open to military and their families but Surf is open to the public also. The sharl was reported to be 14-20 feet long. Some news reports said it might be a Great White. Reports have not disclosed if the victim is from a military family. All beaches on Vandenberg are closed for 72 hours.
Its a shark attack, they are interesting and sexy, I like reading about them, what flicks your bean trelawney? handloading? trainspotting? 16th century clay pipes?

More shark attack threads for this fella HURRAH

Could do with a ******* link though!!!!
Sorry Gimp! Here are a few.

Friend Tells of Attack by Shark that Killed Local Student | - News, Weather, Sports for Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, Ventura, Oxnard | Local

Body boarder fatally attacked by shark in Santa Barbara County; area beaches closed [Updated] | Outposts | Los Angeles Times

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Trelawney - Hope posting this did not offend you too much. It involved an unusual death on a military base in the US and initial reports made it sound like the young man was an AF brat so I put it in the US forum intended for those interested in US military.

Vandenberg is a big base by the way. I recall hearing it has 15,000 foot runways
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Bummer for the surf dude, though.

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