Shark Attacks

When is the USA going to get involved and sort out these shark attacks in the Seychells, well they seem to get involved in every other conflict!
Oh, don't even go there...

Before you know it, UK Forces will be deployed to the Seychelles in order to deny their use to Persistant Invasive Shark Species ('PISS'), and establish the legimate Proper Indiginous Shark Species (err...also, 'PISS') population.

Five years later, we'll still be chumming the waters round the Seychelles, introducing genetically engineered super sharks, and generally shooting up any shark species we find there - because we've forgotten how to tell 'PISS' from 'PISS'...

And in the mean time, the Thames will be full of frickin' sharks, who have found the only place safe enough to operate is the UK, because we banned their killing some time ago, and entitle them to all the tourists they can eat...

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