Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ordinaryforces, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. As a young whippersnapper in the sixties I done a little time in Sharjah on transfer from Bahrein, Now my question is...There was an RCT billet and right outside the window (4ft away) there was two grave's,can anybody tell me who they were and if there is a story behind it?and question 2 is ,on the way to khor-fakkan there was an impressive looking fort/castle dating back hundred's of years, What was it? I've tried google earth but after all these years I cant get bearings and there is roads nowadays where there used to be nothing but tracks,I've just got curious after all these years.
  2. It's not much help: CWGC know something but aren't telling.
  3. Cheers mate
    But just to elaborate...These two graves were in the camp grounds and not in a cemetery, If memory serves me right they were trooper's, and there was a squadron of them in the camp at the time, but we did'nt know who those guys were then...pre balcony days you see so no publicity then. just to add they were proper stone headstones not a makeshift job.
  4. Hello ordinaryforces,

    I don't know about the graves but the building was often reffered to as a foreign legion fort.
    How true that was,I have no idea.

  5. Thanks for that
    It's strange how these things come back to you,
    you were probably there, and if you can remember the fort was near a wadi which was used as a stopping point on the way through.the fort/castle by the way struck me as something out of the crusades...sort of expected to see knights galloping out at any moment :)
  6. The fort in the current city centre (which has built up around it) - now a museum of some sort - was built in 1820 by the then ruling Sheikh. I think it was actually built with British money (or even by British military engineers) as that was the same year the emirate became a sort of British protectorate and shipping base. Might be impossible now to find out its origins, given the way the Arab states tend to airbrush their history....
  7. 4(T)
    The fort I'm referring to mate is the one midway between sharjah and khoor-fakkan on the opposite coastline, it used to be about a days drive away, but probably an hour now with the modern roads.
  8. I was there 1969/1970 and worked up country in Wadi Ham building a road, there was a fort there called Bithnah on the road to Fujairah.
    I was with the RE's and were regularly re-supplied by the RCT from Sharjah. Hope that helps!!
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  9. whibbs check out page 1375 post 13475 of self taken pictures I was there with 53
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  11. Sorted cheers mate
  12. Well we are in the right time frame! I must try and look at google again using those two names you've supplied ..Cheers mate.
    just to add the fort was on the right on leaving a valley/wadi and raised on an hillside, very medieval looking albeit made of mud.
  13. Thats about right, below it was a small oasis with date palms, I will try and dig out a picture for you but there are some online.
  14. Hi mate, thanks for the reply, tried everything to view your pics, can not find them anywhere, any advise would be appreciated.
  15. I have very fond memories of the road project in the Gulf States. I was with 1 Troop of 32 Fd Sqn at Wadi Ham for about 6 Months. To say that it was slave labour is a slight understatement. However as always we made the most of it and eventually the Trans Peninsular Highway was completed. The D6 Dozer Driver in the photo is Bob Rostance. We had a mad Sapper from the RE Fortress Sqn in Gibraltar called Whitely? as well as an outstanding Section from the Pioneer Corps . Everyone on site took turns drilling and blasting no matter what the conditions were.

    The Fort was the Bitnah Fort, it was strictly OOB as we were told that the local ruler had all of his Male Relatives locked up there. As well as resupply by RAF Wessex and 90 Sqn, we also got stores via the occasional RAF Andover which could land anywhere.

    I moved from the Wadi Ham to Dibbah with another Troop from 32 where we were involved in building a Jetty at Fujairah. Following a spate of theft by tribesmen from the Musandam area we hired a local “ Abdul”, armed with an ancient Martini Henry Rifle, as a token watchman. The pilfering stopped instantly as his Tribe would lose face if our kit was nicked when he was on watch, this would have to be avenged!

    I am attaching some cuttings from the Soldier Magazine telling our story.

    Happy days indeed.

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