Sharing ur girl

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DirtyFecker, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. Had bit of a pissed weekend out with a mate n the missus (first since getting back home) - got bit too pissed and to cut a long story short ended up us both fuckin her. We've not talked about it this morning. Was fuckin hot n she seemed to really enjoy. Reckon we went too far or just a bit of fun?
  2. And you're telling us this because?
  3. Guess where your mate will be next time your away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. You probably did go a bit too far...but you'll probably be ok if you never do it again and never mention it to blew one of those already! Be careful.....its not worth losing a mate over......If he's cool with it just now leave it there! But try and avoid the situation cropping up again if you can......i smell a disaster otherwise! At the end of the day, sharing is good with pizzas not people.
  5. so did she....

  6. What? First missus since getting back home?

    BTW, his missus or yours?

    And it's a dodgy game to play either way.
  7. Did you do your mate as well?
  8. nothing wrong with sloppy seconds!. :wink:
  9. She's a slag. Dump her before you catch AIDS.

    You only did it for a look at your mate's meaty pleaser didn't you? You fucking puff.
  10. She probably views it as a pizza experience; in the form of a meat treat :)
  11. Hey JBM, she aint a slag - she never done anything like that n she's normally prudish if anything, i well enjoyed tho, was a great laugh. Then again i just like filth as long as she dont find out.
  12. So you're telling us that you rophy'd her? 8O

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  14. Then the alarm clock went off!
  15. Now that I believe :D