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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jerrycan2793, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Was raised in another thread and I think it would be more appropriate to discuss it rather than Hijack a thread.

    Is it workable?

    Obviously this is way beyond my pay scale but its something I have been thinking about for an hour so and I would like to think some of my ideas arent that bad.

    One advantage would be more integration of the TA. I take the QOY for example. CVRTs need to be in Warcop for Live Firing. We get civvies to haul up the wagons. Yet down the road is 150 Transport with Drops capable of hauling CVRT yet they mostly drive around with sim weights. Im sure the RLC (V) would prefer more varied taskings. And its sureley more valuable for the Army? Killing two birds with one stone and cutting out the expense of a contractor?

    or is that just me? :?
  2. the Army doing things logically?

    jog on!
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Happens all over the place. I have never seen it work in terms of co-ordinating training though.
  4. My old tac shares with medics on tue and inf on wed,makes good for social and sports nights and we take them for CFT's and they get us through CBRN and bcdt etc, we are an outstation though
  5. Southampton there several units in one location and they recruit as one as well,
    Save on manpower of each unit only need to send 2-3 bods per event,
    but we did have the monkey police our freedom parade which gave them practice at event controlling and let us have maximum attendance on the parade rather than security duties

    but training together is done on a limited basis due to the vast difference between units,

    we were co located with an RLC Sqn for a year whilst there new purpose built TAC was getting ummm built,
    and we got on well together had mixed mess functions but again apart from joint AT our requirements were too great to get any real joint training together.
    But some lads did get there driving quals sorted and some of there guys did get the forllift quals
  6. It does work, my TAC has the highest number of units per location in the country and it doesn't seem to causes any problems.... heck we have SSSShhh, Commando's, RNR, OTC, Arty, Cadets, Sigs all in one location
  7. That sounds like you are just up the road...
  8. Down my way we have 3 TAC's all within about 300 meters of each other. It would make sense it we had one super TAC with intergrated excercises.
  9. Integrated exercises!!!!! That'd be a shocker
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    And probably only practical on one or two occasions per year. They are different cap badges for good reason - they do different jobs (less Inf).

    I put together an integrated Coy group exercise a few years ago which was a great success. Inf, RMP, RA and RE all working together in a contemporary FOB style scenario.

    Shuras, IED strikes, IDF strikes, mine strikes, searches, arrest ops - all good kit. To pull it all together to make sure that everyone attending had their own training objectives which were reasonable and achievable, supported the overall exercise scenario AND did not slow the pace down too much for the other exercising units was a major planning challenge.

    Great for the odd occasion, but not for normal training.
  11. it's the future.

    Get used to it.

    Heard of the Estates Review? Translated it means fewer TA Centres, and so sharing is inevitable. Not just with the TA either - think Cadets, Navy, RAF, RFCA, DE, other MOD outfits, even the Regulars!, etc etc - maximum utility will be imposed.

    Edited to add 'Christ, I agreed with Polar!'
  12. and His Grace seems to be advocating a "pre SDR" shocker idea .... :twisted:
  13. Putting more than one unit in each TAC reduces the Army’s foot print, and although can be a good idea in city locations, can produce far more problems than it solves in smaller cities.

    Someone, somewhere must have produced a study as to the level of population required to produce a sub units worth of TA soldiers and the distance they would be prepared to travel. Slap two or more sub units in the same location which can only support one and all you get is two half recruited sub units. Sharing TACs with Cadets etc is a good use of resources, but they are not in competition for recruits and is a good bit of vertical integration.

    My TAC is on the outskirts of a city of 100k population and it has supported a subunit effectively. There are two other centres of population within 25 mins drive of similar size that have no TACs, and we get very few recruits from there. If you cut TACs, you don’t get people willing to travel further; you just get fewer soldiers, a reduced footprint, and less involvement of the population with the Army. You may save a few pennies here and there, and although with the recession, recruiting is easy, it’s the effect on recruiting when economic times are good which is the real test.

    Cut TACs from towns at your peril. Fewer TAC only means fewer soldiers and fewer soldiers available to deploy for operations to support the overworked, undermanned and knackered Regular Army.
  14. have you not realised the SDR will be calling for fewer men as soon as Herrick is finished?? and once Herrick is gone so will be a large proportion of stabs,

    look back in history last 2 decades or so and see with every review, war on or not big cuts happen.
    plus i dont think the next govement who ever they are could really afford to keep the military and the NHS with out large tax rises