Sharing NFC tags on Android


Kit Reviewer
I've just got myself a Samsung Galaxy S2. The wife upgraded to the same phone on the same day, and I want to mess around sharing tags between the two phones so I can get the hang of the technology. In principle I should be able to create a tag (with a URL or some contact details in it), make it available for sharing, swipe my wife's phone past it and transmit the data - but it won't work.

This page from Google support shows me a screenshot of the Tags application that doesn't look like the version I have installed. In particular, all the content above the "Manage My Tags" line doesn't appear on mine. This means I have no checkbox marked "Share My Tag".

Any idea what's wrong with it? I can create a tag, but without being able to check said box I won't be able to transmit it. The wife's is exactly the same. We both have NFC turned on in the phone settings.

As an aside, where am I likely to find commercial NFC tags dotted around? Are they particularly common yet? I don't have a Barclaycard so I can't do any NFC payments on a Chip&PIN machine. Where else could I give it a whirl?

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