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I’m trying to set up my Printer as a shared Printer can any help?.

I have a desktop with Windows VISTA cabled to a BT Home Hub, to this hub I have a laptop (XP) connected Wireless.
The printer is a Lexmark X3470.

I can see the laptop on my desktop and move files between the PC’s

turn on printer sharing in network and sharing centre. go to start -> control panel -> printers. right click on 'lexmark...' ->sharing and share printer over network. (not entirely sure on the XP side as haven't used it for ages. but should be fairly obvious... add printer -> network printer etc. )
if you go to start->network on the vista pc can you now see the printer?
p.s. printer must be on for the above to work
MuddyMettle, open your Windows Explorer on the computer that has the printer and then open Networks. Open the computer what has the printer and ensure that the printer is sharing, if not open it in networks and configure it so. come back to us if and when you have got that far :)

You have got the comp that the printer is attached to switched on as well?
Ok, lets start again, you have a computer with a printer attached. If you open Windows Explorer, Networks, Your Computer, Printers it shoud be there, if not get it there by adding it. If you have more than one instances of the same printer, which can happen, delete all until you have one printer which you should right click and open and got to the sharing tab. Do that and come back here please.

in vista you want start -> network -> '*****-PC -> printers. as long as it is there you should be able to add it on the laptop. sort out pc first
kernow_sapper said:
in vista you want start -> network -> '*****-PC -> printers. as long as it is there you should be able to add it on the laptop. sort out pc first
We are already there, try and not muddy the water!!

As the saying goes "Too many cooks spoil the broth", I will bow out :)

i fear not. there is no need to 'add' printers to a vista network, once they are shared they should just be there.
Thank you all,

If i goto, Start computer (C drive right click explore) network click the drop down, i then have a folder, Printer and my printer is in there?

then it is shared, now go to laptop printers folder in control panel, add printer, and it should give the option to add a network printer. the printer should then appear in the printer folder on the laptop
I have added the printer on the laptop, did a test print it shows 1 doc printing the goes to 0

but where the hell its printing i don't know?

in the printer properties on the desktop under security tab, there is Group or user names if i try to add the pc group name it say not found?

on that tab it should say 'everyone'?

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