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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tochy01, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Basicaly ive started this thread for people to tell everybody what they are joining and when they go in. So if your all excited and just want to let everybody know let it out on here.
  2. would you like dates, method and routes of travel and details of what they will be wearing?
  3. 8O That is quite possibly THE gayest thing i've ever read!

  4. You obviously haven't read the thread which contains this then have you! :wink:

  5. awwwww i think it's sweet! Can't you tell i'm a woman!
  6. haha funny you should say that u fancy some do you? Is it hard to believe people will be genuienly excited or are you just jealous because you cant share good things with people because you are insecure about your own sexuality. Something to think about i think.
  7. Be sure to point out to all SNCOs you come across who challenge your sexuality that they are obviously just insecure in theirs and must take it up the arrse.
  8. Just read that thread now too. Whats going on in ARRSE today? (no pun intended)
  9. you can but be warned i will rip it off. :evil:
  10. Add it to your collection of 'toys'?
  11. tochy, can i tickle your anus?
  12. yep but be prepared for me to sh*t on ur finger
  13. :?

    That would mean less time thinking about t!ts/pussy, football, rugby, t!ts/pussy, fast cars, life on mars/ashes to ashes, t!ts/pussy, t!ts/pussy and more t!ts/pussy... 8)
  14. And this drivel from a 25 yr old.
  15. he led a sheltered upbringing