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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by smudge67er, Oct 3, 2011.

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  1. Well, I'm not much of an Art buff, but I know what I like. Here's my Fabian Perez collection for you to enjoy.

    Feel free to share any pieces of work you have round your gaff.
  2. Should there be pictures attached? Or is that blank canvas the collection?
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  3. I figured I'd be a smart arrse and upload them from my phone, but as it happens, I'm having to email them to my PC. Patience my young padawan
  4. At last

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  5. I'm afraid not....but may I suggest renting Jodie Fosters "The Accused"? (the slag)

    The Accused (1988) - IMDb
  6. This is another piece i have. It's massive. You get the idea of the size when compared to the Bose sounddock underneath it

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  7. Good pics, I like the girls. Did you guys paint these or buy them?
  8. Did you read my original post?
  9. I recognise many of these scenes from previous Arrse London crawls! You are a chancer young man.
  10. Errrr, no I'm not. That's my front room, hence the telephone cable/sky+ coax in the bottom left of the 1st photo, and my sofa in the bottom right.

    Perhaps you'd like me to post another photo tonight when I get home with the rest of my front room in it?

    Feel free to apologise whenever you're ready.

  11. Errrr...... no.............. I was inferring that, you being armed with a camera had attended..................... snooze.................. Anyway that bloke in the Fedora mit wine glass is definately Josey Wales.
  12. It can't be....he doesn't look drunk enough. I can't see a push-bike present either.
  13. Nice. Whatever happened to Russ Abbot?
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  14. I never noticed that! I can never admire that painting again. Damn you.