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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by udipur, Jan 31, 2010.

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  1. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    In one of the other posts (How to Join the SAS) there was a link to a great site that apparently teaches you to do all sorts of things, from join secret squirrel mobs to becoming a DJ like Danny Rampling.

    I might give them a call and offer them our collected expertise as they do ask if you would like to be an instructor.

    What course would you offer?
  2. The military art of painting [usually white] anything that does not move..... especially coal.
  3. How to use a keyboard and spellchecker coreectly and tpye wtiouth eror .
  4. The care and maintenance of balconies.

    You never know when that'll come in handy.
  5. The correct use of the button stick,unpolished buttons lose wars
  6. Maintenance of the Intelligence Cycle:

    First Parade: tyres, chain, seat, playing cards between the spokes, little dingly bell, etc.
  7. Or sandbags! Why would anyone paint sandbags? WHY!?
  8. Tsk. To preserve the life of said sandbag, as ane fule kno.

    .......and to make them look smart, too.
  9. Because it's an Act Of Discipline. I'm not entirely sure what that means, but judging from the normal context it means, "Nope, we don't know why either".
  10. Most of these seem to be for pretty bone things, but less then halfway down.... um....


    Editted to add: my special skill that I should pass on to other less talented people then myself would have to be taking in-focus photos of my balls and sending them to people on the internet.
  11. Walting-with-Confidence?
  12. Having totally misread the idea of the thread, my edit is as follows.

    I can offer the "pointing at your own eyes then at something else without making a sound course"

    Very useful for the wannabe spec-op types.

    Also the "Sitting around and waiting for the bus load of nurses to appear" course, this is one all squaddie types need to know about as a matter of basics.

    Followed up with, "the how to walk around the regt lines all day with a bit of paper to look like you are actually doing something" course

    And then end the day with the "leaf sweeping exercise" course

    All good character building stuff.
  13. Bulling Boots Pt I&II by Trained Soldier
    Advanced Bulling - inc. the use of beeswax, spoon & blow torch by C/Sgt

    Sam Brown Belts for beginners

    Boots & Belts for Orderlies [weekend course]
  14. Using the knowledge of all ARRSE members quite a long course detailing all the nuances of the Charge " conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline " .
  15. The art of Skiffing chinstraps and how to make friends with the guard commander :D