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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by sillyboy, Oct 3, 2009.

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  1. Music pretty much underpins everything I do, from having something specific on in the motor when off to the shops or having something blasting out whichever room of the house I'm in. It is quite simply a godsend, most defining moments, be it civvy or military are rushed back to the centre of recollection with the opening bars of some relevant track, an evocation if you like.

    Apologies if its been done but thought it might be worth having a corner to share new/old/forgotten bands/singers, update and warn of any good gigs, shows ect, and maybe give a heads up to likeminded tastes .. reason being, within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone new it generally gets round to tastes, music and interests ?

    At the minute, for me ?

    Bands and singers

    Bloc Party, Death From Above 1979, Desert Sessions, The Stranglers, Crass, Rudimentary Peni, Guns and Roses, John Frusciante, Gallows, Robert Johnson, Free, Mark Lanegan, Queens of the Stone Age, Blondie, Graham Albarn, Mr Weller


    Just seen the Eagles of Death Metal, Them is Me, Ray Lamontagne, Inspiral Carpets,

    Some good stuff to have a listen and download at the minute is 'Them Crooked Vultures', a band with the Foo Fighters Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones of Led Zep fame and Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age .. Omar Rodriguez Lopez, instrumental type alt fusion, mind bending stuff, very much a Hendrix type bloke but f*ck me is it listenable ! Florence and the Machine too, really good stuff.

    Just an idea, brought about by giving my old man a hand on a barn conversion last month and catching the soppy old c*nt on the scaffolding swinging his hips to The Red Hot Chili Peppers and saying 'f*cking great this who is it ? Chili what ? Chili steppers ?' :D :D

  2. Found an unsigned band called shim:

    Listen to 'satisfied'. Quite like finding new stuff just to get away from the samey old dross which is out there at the moment! If someone took 'em on board they could be pretty good I think.
  3. Just downloaded some Sonic Youth, Gang of Four and Nine Below Zero.

    And half hour of Sapphic Erotica, but thats irrelevant
  4. I'm wearing out two CD's in my car just now..

    Infected Nations by Evile

    The Sound of Perserverence by Death

    Both solid good albums if you like Thrash.
  5. You nutter, thats a couple of harsh bands there, try the 'Dillinger Escape Plan' and 'Sikth' :D
  6. Brother hood of man, and cilla black for me.
  7. Evile is my mate's Matt's band, had to give them a mention...
    They're headline touring next year if you you're interested.

    Don't know at the minute mate, I'm absolutely shaking the walls at home with my guitar just now, everything I'm playing has got to be downtuned to D and played fast as... probably need to masturbate a bit more really.
  8. I'm really into Nickelback at the moment, and that really annoying tune by Kid Rock. Guns N Roses are always on my speakers at the moment.
  9. Every tune Kid Rock does is annoying mate, still he's dipped Pammie, can't knock him for that.
  10. Fair one! I haven't really heard much of his 'music' but just remembered it's entitled, 'All Summer Long' or something.

    *Edited for hangover spelling.
  11. The new mariachi album by LA punk band The Bronx. I thought it would be shite, but it's actually really good.

    What they usually sound like:

    The Bronx

    Some tracks off their Mariachi album:

    Cell Mates.

    Slave labour
  12. Lucretia

    Lucretia Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Dropkick Murpheys. They are, as their name suggests, Irish American and they sound ike the Pogues on speed. Warriors' Code is a goodun.