SHAPE Medical Provisions - Save our Doctor

What is going on with our medical centre, eh? We've lost one Doctor this year already and are just about to lose our highly valued and respected Doctor, Sally Godward. WHY? The reasons given? Money! Apparently, last year over £3m was spent on Locum doctors throughout BFG and as she is a locum, they wont pay her anymore. I would like BFG to tell us all if she is going to be replaced by another locum or if they have a permenant Doctor to take her place. If another locum is arriving in her place then they can't justify her leaving as they'll be paying an agency for the new locum and if a permenant doctor is on the way then BFG health have obviously solved the Doctor crisis over night because the speed at which she is being moved on, is somewhat suspicious. I would like to ask if anyone else feels that their continuity of care is being neglected through this decision. I know moves are being made to speak with UKNMR but as I mentioned the speed of her being removed is such that something must be done this week.
There are families here in SHAPE that rely on her, heavily. I am one of those. She has suported us through a really difficult time with the disruption in the Dental Centre and has never failed to fight our corner when needed. Can someone please tell me why she has to go?

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