shannons stepfather doing the kidporn thang!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by billyx, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi all

    No supprise here that the retarded looking inbred scum has a thing for the little ones!!(bet the misses didnt twig)since having two brain cells between them....

    i was waiting for something to crop up on his down syndrome looking ass lol..

    he`s the daddy

    i can bet the uncle and him decided to nick the kid for the photo opportunities ,and as the uncle got caught he decided to not go down alone(i bet in every aspect of her kidnap)sword fighting anyone..
  2. I had a very similar conversation over the weekend. They saw the McCanns having an extended holiday and getting wads of cash and thought "I have a cuning plan!" However, being a family of inbred fucktards they screwed up
  3. I hope the Mong and uncle die a fcukig horrible death, and the females of this dross family(lol) tw@ts stiched up.............cnuts
  4. FFS why hasn't the mong of a mother been charged with anything? she's as bad, according to this news report "the stepdaddy (mong) for short" was only 17 when he took up with the worthless whore! strong words I know, but upheld! he was a mere babe (some babe I know) but what would a 27yr old woman with loads of chav sprogs ..all by different dads want with a 17yr old'd be like having another kid, not an equal ... a partner or husband to share things with! The mind boggles .... The gas chamber is too good for the lot of them.
  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Ladies and Gentlemen, can I just remind you that he hasn't been charged with anything (yet), and if he is then the case will be sub-judice until the end of any trial.

    Can I suggest that you bank your invective, charge interest, and let it loose once any trial is over?
  6. Hey this is ARRSE Naafi you are guilty if you look like a peado, and clearly he does, also he is a waste of skin..........Chav so he is guilty of something :wink:
  7. "The stepfather of former missing schoolgirl Shannon Matthews has been charged with 10 counts of possessing indecent images of children".
  8. And nothing is going to change until pedophiles are adequately punished. :(
  9. I had exactly the same thought when she was found with her "freindly uncle". They just want some of the cash.
  10. I bet his keyboard always smelt of fish!!
  11. Hope the fcuking cnut dies in prison from having his arrse ripped upon in a horrible shower 'accident'.
  12. Drown the oenophiles! etc etc
  13. qoute::Drown the oenophiles

    here here!!!!

    now was the uncle protecting or having first dibs!?we will see
  14. Errrrrrrr sorry if I'm missing something but doesn't oenophile mean a "lover of wine" ? In which case the relevance has passed me by.
  15. I see he's just been formally charged with possessing 140 indecent images. No wonder the authorities haven't been in any rush to send Shannon Matthews back to her home!