Shannon Matthews found alive.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by GunnersQuadrant, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator


  2. How weird under a bed so close to home????
  3. Good to hear a happy(ish) ending for a change to this incident , just hoped it is'nt going to affect the kid too much in later life.
  4. I wonder what might happen to the Kiddie Fiddling piece of Dog Shit who snatched the kid?
  5. I'll W + on that, given her mothers history he could be her dad.
  6. Hmm!, Channel 4 news just said she,s been taken into care now and not being allowed home.

    Sounds a bit Iffy there I,d say.
  7. Mother is 32 and already has 7 kids! Keep paying those taxes guys. We need to support people like this.
  8. But only 5 fathers so she must have been faithful some of the time (well, two or three times, anyway) .
    Seriously, great news the little kiddie's been found. This is every parents (and grandparents) nightmare.
  9. Waynetta Slobs got fcuk all on her, nice role model for her kids, any guesses how their going to grow up. :roll:
  10. Good news, lets hope he gets a shoeing.
  11. Seconded. Not the kid's fault her mum's a slag. :evil:

    Good drills by those who found her.
  12. Good news. Who is she?
  13. Is was obvious that the gene pool was not that wide from very early on and those from the estate were either first or second cousins to this 9 year old.

    Mum has SEVEN kids to SIX dads and it seems that the man who was holding her UNDER the bed was the present incimbant father's relative!

    As I said Inbred!

    Thankfully she seems unhurt and is now "In Care", lets hope it's not with Social services, as thier track record of Child Safety is not good!

    Did you see the "Street Party" all those Chav's were having as reported on the news? There is something very wrong about all of this!