Shannon Kent R.I.P

Given who she really was, military officials had little choice in how they described Shannon Kent. They said only that she was a “cryptologic technician,” which anyone might assume meant that her most breakneck work was behind a desk.
In reality, she spent much of her professional life wearing body armor and toting an M4 rifle, a Sig Sauer pistol strapped to her thigh, on operations with Navy SEALs and other elite forces — until a suicide bombing took her life last month in northeastern Syria.

Her Title: Cryptologic Technician. Her Occupation: Warrior.
CT(I)C Kent sounds like a remarkable lady. Sad she was killed and sad she could not get selected for the officer program she wanted.

All of the US uniformed services have traditionally had stricter standards for officers than for enlisted. Eyesight, dental, hearing, medical history, all were stricter for officers.
I recall looking at the West Point requirements with friends back in the 60's. One ground for rejection was "extreme ugliness " We wondered what someone rejected for extreme ugliness would look like.

The US military needs medical people and actually has a program to commission men and women and immediately send them to medical school, usually at the military's own medical school. A young woman I know graduated from Harvard, got a MS from Columbia in neuroscience and is now a 2nd Lieutenant going to medical school. She had to pass a physical for acceptance and passed despite a history of two concussions. She had no problem with physical fitness standards, only a few years since she won a silver medal in the Sochi Olympics.
What struck me was that her bout of thyroid cancer was reason to deny her getting her PhD and commission but was not an obstacle to deploying her for a 5th time.

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