Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Knut, Feb 4, 2007.

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  1. Her mother has said that she fears that darling little Shanice will not reach her full potential. Is that her educational potential or the potential for achieving an ASBO.
  2. Looking as she does I'm surprised that she has any self esteem!

    Is that hippy chav chic Ms Fleming?
  3. I think it's an absoloute affront to society that the schools have taken this course of action.

    What they should really have done is cull them at birth and save a lot of time, effort and whining from the 'equal rights' busy bodies who are always hunting for things to yell discrimination at.
  4. 'So long', the mum makes it sound as if that this decline was going on without her knowledge.

    She likes the place she's in now because she gets respect. Right. Meaning finding a place where she learns and does little in comparison to mainstream schoolling yet be fluffy-cuddled into assuming she has done as well.
  5. She will achieve her potential. It will involve a flat in a Tower Block, a Rotty called Tyson and 6 light brown children.
  6. Any 'thick' pupils at my school were put in remedial. They concentrated on basics to try and prepare them for life. The really thick ones within remedial used to have to go out with the support staff and tighten tennis nets, shovel cokel, clear streams, put salt on the paths, unload deliveries and and act as full time RSMs working party. Did them no harm. They all left at 16 and either ended up in Boots the Chemist HQ in Nottingham in the dispatch dept or became labourers on a site. Incidently the thickest lad in my year who left at 16 to go on the building sites is know a stinking rich property developer. Personally any disruptive pupils or Vicky Pollard types should be removed from academia and made to work for the council. Morally I don't have a problem with an 11yr old scrote in a donkey jacket with a fag in their mouth working as part of a tarmac gang. Compulsive sterilisation of girls who fail the 11 plus would also reap massive benefits for the DHSS and allow us to divert funds from Working Families Tax Credit to the Armed Forces Pay Budget.
  7. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    All 6 children the same colour? Has she no ambition? :shakefist:
  8. She is obvioiusly behind her peer group. Thirteen and not even pregnant. :neutral:
  9. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    As your Government has imposed a minimum age for young people to buy alcoholic beverages, presumably none of them ever get drunk enough to consider doing her? I could imagine even the paedos would think twice ...
  10. Has she reached her potential - she obviously has the IQ of a boiled potato and thick as a ghurka's foreskin. I would say stick her in a lab with george bush and use them both for medical research, the problem is that the monkeys with them will feel intellectually superior! Pukker thick as mince and twice as stupid, pass the shot gun grayson .. I fancy some sport!
  11. If she had been trashed a bit more I bet she would be better behaved,spare the rod spoil the child
  12. Only a matter of time before she's on Punternet.
  13. That's Vicky Pollard aint it? From around the block?

    FFS click on the link above for Shanice's school. 5 pupils and at least 3 adults. It's a fcuking disgrace. This place should be used for the next ARRSE pi$$ up. It's a disgrace. When will these left wing bearded lesbian social workers realise that in life there is a natural pecking order. Why do we waste money on low achievers. That money would be better spent on sports equipment and cadets or a Duke of Edinburgh award scheme at yer womans school.