Shane Williams - Rugby's legend

I just thought I'd post to mention the retirement of Shane Williams from international rugby, in the match against Australia today. Anyone who enjoys rugby will realise what a loss to the game this is, as one of Rugby's all-time greatest moves on.

This man has been an utter, utter hero for the game, and in my mind is one of the best wingers ever.
I'm English, but recognise that Williams is not just a winger but a true legend.
That final, 58th International try today? He deserved that. Wales deserved that.

Thank you, Shane Williams.
When he gave the piece to camera with his kids at then end I was gutted for him. Not one for liking the Celtic egg chasers but he'll be a great loss to the game.
Yes he'll be sorely missed, and he will obviously sorely miss the Internationals. As I watched his struggle to hold it together I did wonder whether he might be tempted by the Six Nations, he's hardly a spent force is he?
Yeah, I mean he's still scoring a lot for Wales, and the Ospreys.

He's Rugby World Cups leading try-scorer with 10. Man - how many records does that legend have?!
An excellent record seeing as he's played a lot of his international rugby in Welsh sides of varying ability from shite (mostly) to sublime (sometimes), and proof that rugby's still a game for all shapes and sizes.
It was an emotional day for us in god's country. I knew that it was going to be an emotional day when he lined up for the Gary Speed tribute and the anthems. It got a bit dusty in our house at the end. I know he was slowing down a bit but he still could pull it out of the bag occasionally. Bit of a fairy tale ending for him as well.
I agree that it was a cracking "Try" and what a memory to take from the game and into retirement..
It was a far better game to the majority we saw in the World Cup and well I wish him Luck probably in a coaching type roll I have no idea what he plans to carry on with..(Didn't see the aftermatch speech part..)
He's been a fantastic servant to both Wales and the Lions.

I for one always worried when he got the ball.

Great player.
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