shamu strikes back

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by haggler, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. scary thought to be watching...
  2. I'm going there in a few weeks - it's a conspiracy to wreck my hols!
  3. bet thats the last time SHE'LL accept a 'Free Willy'
  4. So the KILLER whale did a nasty?

    In the words of the greatest philosopher of the 21st century, Chris Rock, when referring to the gay kraut getting treated like KiteKat by the huge white moggie, "the Tiger went Tiger"
  5. Aaah, so that's why they are called 'killer whales'.
    Do you think it did it on porpoise?
  6. Should be a giggle when I go this year to watch the saccherine ridden "Believe" production of the "KILLER!!!!" whale
  7. Seems a bit of a "serial" killer whale
    "SeaWorld spokesman Fred Jacobs says the whale that killed Brancheau in front of a horrified audience Wednesday is Tilikum.

    Tilikum was one of three whales blamed for killing a trainer in 1991 at Sealand of the Pacific in Victoria, British Columbia.

    A man's body was also found draped over Tilikum at Orlando SeaWorld in July 1999."

    I'll get me coat

  8. Oi !!! There's the door, f*ck off and don't come back!! You should be ashamed of yourself!! :D
  9. You'll have a whale of a time.

    Ah, there's my taxi!
  10. Smells a bit fishy to me........(or is that what the whale thought?)

    Taxi for one!