Shamrock Chellenge 2008

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Gaz3447, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. If i wasnt in the long drawn out ******* process of the regs i would definetly be up for that looks a great idea.
  2. 4 weeks??

    im guessing that doesnt include trade or adventure training??
  3. Nicked our bloody phrase as well
  4. Might have something to do with this being a TA-wide excercise?
  5. 10 days Phase 1b, 14 days Phase 1c (basic trade course if Infantry, Corps have to do a Corps 1c then their trade training like CMT3 etc). That would leave 4 days? 1 day X-Country driving, 2 days AT, and the remaining 24hrs taken up with pre and post course admin?

    Just a guess, as I'm not privvy to the timetable.
  6. I don't mean to hijack your thread but does anyone know if there is something like this running in the south of england? I've looked but i can't find anything.
  7. Might be interested, although it does cut off alot of my holidays, then again tis not like id be doing anything useful anyway! :oops:

    Where do you go to sign up??
    Although i would need abit more info, jus to talk round the parents (17 so i think ill need consent)

  8. 3 and a bit days adventure training with a cultural visit thrown in.

    The Cross Country driving is to be done on the way down to BTC on the grassy chicanes that the farmers park their wagons on.

    Will be a bit flat out for August. (Last week of July & August for Inf)

    Any info required on Shamrock Challenge then feel free to ask.
  9. By the wording, you have to join the TA first then do the course. Personally i want to join anyway and i think this will be a good way to get alot of the Basics learnt.

    And do you get the 1300 for just doing the 4 weeks? or do you have to the neccessary amount of training days etc added on to get the bounty?

    Sorry 4 all the questions, but i need to justify this to my parents who think ill be shipped off to afghan and blown up by an IED in august or something..........

  10. As opposed to??
    The ACIO in Palace Bks are loading people onto the course.

    You can do it this way or the slightly elongated 6 weekends than a two week Phase 1C.

    Will be a good course.
  11. Well i think afew m8s had the idea of doing it getting the money then leaving, scrounging feckers.... glad to be able to tell them NO!

    Actually looking forwards to this, good way to get started in the TA and makes use of my summer, it'll help for uni too on the Personal statement.

    Oh, and just so i can quote this, has any student in full time education ever been forced to go on tour? ( id plan to do so on a gap year so i aint wanting to tour dodge or anything) just so the parents cant talk crap

  12. Wouldn't worry about it. More than enough war dodgers hanging about to be the odd one out anyway.

    Whilst not 100% undeployable it "could" still be an option after intelligent mobilisation has occured ie.. those who volunteer.
  13. Thanks m8, plus, you cant be deployed until yer 18 anyway?

    Sorry to sound like such a war dodger just after money, but i have to present the arguement to the parents that i can jump ship any time the army want me on tour...... even though i have no intention of doing so!

    Even though at 17 i cant be sent away, and at 18 and can decide myself.... Unfortunatly the bbc etc has dones it work of brainwashing them :roll:

    All this hassle just because i want to join and do my basic in the TA at 17, rather than 18....