shamrock challenge

i am going to be doing the shamrock challenge at ballykinler in august. do you get any time off in the month to go home or do you have to stay the whole month with no time off


I did it last year along with sammyni11 (if its the guy im thinking of) and you have to stay there the whole time due to the intensity of the training package. In our case there were a few guys who were allowed home for a period of 24 hours due to some unavoidable or unseen circumstances. If any problems arise raise it with the platoon staff they arnt all heartless individuals and they will decide if you need to go home for a bit.


Time away from the RTC will be minimal at best. To leave camp, you'll effectively need to gain the permission from RTC staff and your specific chain of command (DS). Are you on the Corps or Inf course?

I'd recommend making sure you have your life sorted so that there's no issues expected whilst at BKLR.

If you have any welfare issues whilst attending SC '11, inform your Pl staff asap and we'll try our best.


You stay there the whole month, you are not allowed to leave camp to go home, although you do get 3 to 4 admin days (sort of like rest days to get your kit eyc up to scratch) in the middle, between the alpha and bravo course. Don't worry about not getting home because the month will fly by and you'll be kept busy!