shamrock challenge 2009 ballykinlar

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by jus_trollin, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. hi, i was wondering if anyone knows anything about the shamrock challenge at ballykinlar 2009... i seen it advertised on a bus and i think the website was but when i try it says broken link , the mod site has nothin on it , when i google the shamrock challenge from 2008 is on arrse but nothin about after it was completed and this years :? ..

    basically just wondering wots the craic wif it , has any1 completed it? and wot 2 expect etc?

    il fone the army career office this week also :D

    thanks in advance
  2. As far as I know you hit the mess and have 3 pints of guiness then they make you do a log race half cut.

    Deeply unpleasant...
  3. lmao soo its a goer then :D sounds easy enuff lol think i do sumthin similar everytime in pishd anyhows
  4. i attended shamrock challenge 2008. its really good craic,just dont get caught pissing against the wall of the gym by a pti, for some reason they don't like it :? what unit are ya thinkin of joinin?
  5. hahaha yea i cant believe that either! wot they make u do? do they proper make ur life misery? lol

    i would like logistics or combat

    tried pm panotes but it wouldnt let me send it il try again now cheers!! :D
  6. You going reg or reserve?
  7. territorial ......... i think the shamrock challenge is only for ta soldiers 2 be , as the advert on the bus said that ul return to your territorial army base as a fully trained soldier i think they said also that theres only like 100 spaces etc and it was a free fone number but id nothin wif me 2 jot it down :evil: have yet 2 c it advertised again and ive bin lookin
  8. the best thing to do is find a unit that ya want to go to and go and visit them. explain to them that ya want to do SC09. if ya want to join 2RIR you'll do 5 weeks. and corps 4 weeks+ plus your trade training at a later date. PM me if ya wanna know more
  9. thanks uve bin very helpful , will contact them this week yay! lol
  10. if anyone is interested i found out some more info the dates for it r , 26th july until 29 aug and to apply the number you fone is: 0800 7833222 apparently theres a big interest so you need 2 hurry up if ur thinkin about appling.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Please use English, not txt spk.

  12. my appologises
  13. Just finished SC09 on saturday there. was tough at times but great craic.

    Anyone else on here part of montgomery/templar/alanbrooke? in SC09?
  14. yeah it was great craic, especially bayonet training lol

    i was part of alanbrooke platoon, anyone else here from alanbrooke or templar?