Shamrock Challange 2008, anyone here done it?

Just wondering if any users here did the Shamrock Challenge last year and if so could post, or private mail me details of what you got up to so I know what to expect in 2009!

Have searched and only found brief details of what might be on it etc.
I was on the 2008 one, good craic although a month in ballykinler can be a tad demoralising :D

Unfortunately as the basic training program has changed (as far as i'am aware) so what i did last year compared to what'll happen this year are going to be fairly different in terms of layout.

Just make sure your fitness is up to scratch, and wear in your boots, wear em all the time!
I couldnt count how many people had problems with their feet (some even had to go home) because their boots were brand new n they hadnt worn them in resulting in very bad blisters etc. Oh and zinc tape plus foot powder, very important!

But you should be given a list of things they want you to bring and arrse has a wealth of knowledge and experience so start reading plenty now and ya wont be unprepared.

Cheers for the info, not got my kit yet and I'm on Holiday from the 12th till the 26th so not much time to break my boots in!
I did it. I did the INF version. From what i hear the trg program has changed, but not immensely. You've just got to make sure your admin is squared from day one. Help your mates out and don't biff for no reason. Make sure your fit, but don't worry if your not Olympic standard, you'll do phys everyday and you'll enjoy it much more (if possible!) if you are fit. I know you're on hols, but break you boots in. Bring them on holiday- last thing you want is to biff after 3/4 days, in camp, with blisters- not good.

Above all don't just mong. Its not a course that you'll pass just by turning up out of the 30 of us who went only 24 passed for varying reasons.

Its a great course, make great friends and learn some good skills- plus you'll find that you bank balance has gone up considerably at the end.

PM me if you have any specific questions. And if anyone knows exactly how the course has changed could they PM me just for my own inexplicable interests! (I'd like to know what things have changed from the first one)

Good luck.

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