Shameless Windsor Jubilee Begging.

Right, ladies and gents, cap in hand time.

I've just found out that my unit's application for May 19th windsor tickets was lost in the ether. Does anyone on here have spare tickets or would be prepared to sell their tickets? I am desperate for 2 and prepared to pay a fair wack for them. Please pm me if you can help! Thanks Arrse.
The fish heads had some!

On Saturday 19th May Her Majesty The Queen will be inspecting her Armed Forces in Windsor Great Park. There will be approximately 2500 on parade for the Inspection and Drumhead Service. Afterwards there will be receptions in three marquees, one for each Service, and the Royal Marquee.

The emphasis for the event is very much about the naval family and the RNRMC are sponsoring the Naval Service marquee as part of their focus on our serving community. In discussing the event with the organiser, Commander Nick Chatwin, it was agreed that applications for tickets should not be restricted just to the RNRMC charities, and I have therefore been asked to invite ARNO Members to submit applications for tickets.

The format is that the Muster will be followed by a barbeque laid on by Compass on a pay as you go basis. As yet there are no other logistics details other than the need to be seated by 0930, so it could be an early start. If you would like tickets please apply to Lt Cdr Brian Ramsey at
Anyone know what time it starts? Presumably they will march up from Victoria barracks?
Service personnel will assemble in Windsor Great Park and march to the castle along the Long Walk, starting at 10:30am. They will parade down Castle Hill, Thames Street and Datchett Road to re-enter the castle at the Town Gate.

2,500 service personnel expected in town. Free parking laid on in the Review Ground, Windsor Great Park.

Let me know if I can help with any more info. :)

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